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890 Living with Robots

What will it be like living with robots?
Sam Harris, Kate Darling

889 Fire and Fury

The shocking thing about this book is that we knew all of it already and that all of it is true
Donald Trump

888 Life is Worth Losing

George Carlin at his very devastating, 
devious and genius best

887 Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, happy new year, have wonderful holidays and just keep on getting more stuff in 2018
Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher, George Carlin, stuff

886 Consciousness and science

A terrific podcast by Sam Harris: Consciousness and the Self
with Anil Seth

885 Climate Disruption

The world as we know it has ended 

884 Extreme Weather

There is always weather ... but these days to the extreme

883 Images from Jupiter

NASA provides us with a look at another world

882 A New Webpage for the New Year

Coinciding with a publicity push in the US, a new webpage

881 Get Fit Or Die

This is the non-too-subtle message from a man who knows what he's talking about: Peter FitzSimons

880 Marisa Papen, an exotic free-thinker

This is Marisa Papen, exotic, independent and free-thinking

879 An Interview with Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti opens up about religions and freedom

878 James Veitch spams spammers

This is what happens when you reply to spam e-mails

877 Sogyal Rinpoche

The issue of sexual harassment & abuse has taken an awkward turn

876 The Trump supporter

What is a suitable description for a Trump supporter?

875 Reviews for en.light.en.ment

The first reviews for en.light.en.ment have come in

874 Two movies, one as moving as the other

A very satisfying movie-weekend with Goodbye Christopher Robin and Dharm

873 Bill Maher's last dig at The Donald

Bill Maher's last dig for the year at The Donald

872 Standing Alone

Freedom is to stand alone, unattached and unafraid

871 Something stinks, is it Nick Cave?

Nick Cave thinks a boycott of Israel in protest against Israeli Settlements on Palestinian territories stinks

870 Taylor Swift

I went to Taylor Swift land, with very varying results

869 Spirituality

I had reason to revisit the issue of spirituality

868 YES

YES, it's done ...

866 The Future

In a recent interview the head of Mercedes Benz said their competitors are not anymore other car companies, but - besides Tesla - Google, Apple, Amazon et al.

865 The Fat Man and My Girl Josephine

All week now I had one song on my mind

864 The Rolling Stones Under Cover

One of the best Stones songs was controversial,
some said it glorified violence

863 The Happiness Advantage

This book shows us how we have this happiness thing the wrong way 'round

862 Summer at Balmoral

The wait is over: Summer has arrived at Balmoral

861 Stars and Gripes

Bill Maher once again takes the words right out of my mouth

860 to vegan or not to vegan

This is a story of whether to become a vegan or not; a bit like whether to worship God or the devil ...

859 Maher, Trump, Putin, trolls

Maher, Trump, Putin, trolls - the whole catastrophe 

858 Same Love

Here is a song that digs deep ...

857 The Kremlin Konnection

Bill Maher is being non-too-subtle, as he unveils Donald Trump's Kremlin Connection ...

856 LGBT

LGBT is a hot issue these days, with the YES/NO "survey" about same sex marriage dividing the country, and doing a lot of damage ...

855 The issue of the Self revisited

In yet another fascinating podcast Sam Harris talks with German philosopher Thomas Metzinger ...

854 Winter

What sort of winter is this?

853 Make something wonderful

This is good advice, and I do think I followed it ...

852 Fuck Fees with Bill Maher

Fuck Fees ... Bill Maher at his best

851 Burqa anyone?

What do you feel about the burqa?

850 How much does Offshore Detention cost?

How much does it cost to keep people in offshore detention?

849 TED: How to Speak and Listen

Here are two terrific TED talks,
about how to Speak and how to Listen ...

848 The Rolling Stones by Michael Joseph

The most stunning band photo ever?

847 Living in security

With a free mind we can live in security ...

846 More Winter in Balmoral

Clear blue skies at Balmoral invite to wander, look & shoot...

845 Guy Bourdin, photographer

A trip into the very back of my memory bank, Guy Bourdin was one of the photographers who inspired me ...

844 Literary Publicity, New York style

A strange story of the human condition, mis-communication,
lack of authenticity and abundance of superficiality ...

843 Balmoral Winter Island

The Balmoral Island is worth a visit also in winter ...

842 America - the Land of the Free

You may have noticed, the world is not the same anymore ...

841 Reggae at Balmoral

Fernando Aragones of Animal Ventura sets the mood at the Mudgee Wine & Food Fair, Balmoral ...