my interests are
philosophy and spirituality
war & peace as well as science & technology
however, in this age of climate change my most relevant
blogs are 1000 "the Psychology of Climate Change Denialism"
and 1001 "the Future is Now"
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1168 Joe Biden on gun control

Joe Biden addresses the nation
on gun control

1167 Matthew McConaughey at the White House

Matthew McConaughey at the White House
with an emotional speech about gun control.
Will it change anything. No.

1166 The Rolling Stones after Charlie Watts

The Stones toured again 
with their new drummer 

1165 What is it with Americans and guns?

The US is the only country in the world 
where guns outnumber people

1164 No Way To Prevent This

That's right:
There's No Way To Prevent This

1163 The Greens

I am a Greenie ... why?

1161 Morrison oh Morrison

Here's an unvarnished look at our PM

1160 "Google it, mate"

Adam Bandt delivers the best line in the election race

1159 Facts Matter

This blog is - yet again - about CoViD

1158 Laurie Santos and happiness

the secret to happiness?

1157 What should Russia do with Ukraine?

Russian propaganda is brainwashing its people

1156 Climate Change revisited

We don't have a Planet B ...
does that mean 'Game Over'?

1155 Inquiry into CoViD

Cross Party Inquiry on the Australian 
Government’s Response to COVID-19

1154 Nato and Ukraine

a big mistake was made 
as regards Nato and Ukraine

1153 Putin, Biden, Ukraine

the war will cost Putin everything

1151 Secularism and Happiness

a note from the World Happiness Report:
secular countries are the happiest

1150 Marina may bring Putin down

Is Marina Ovsyannikova the bravest
woman in Russia ... maybe on the planet?

1148 Stoicism, Socrates and Epictetus

My favourite Stoic was Socrates,
but here is a look at Epictetus

1147 CoViD Fake News

Mis-information and Dis-information:
What's the difference?

1146 "Yeah, we're spooked"

About what?
Spooked about AI

1145 Henry Cartier Bresson

Pioneer of street photography: HCB

1144 No Mandates ?

Say No To Vaccine Mandates ...
Really ?

1143 The War in Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

1142 Brand new Leica Q3

Due to popular demand

a stunning new camera from Leica

1141 Greg Williams Photographer

Greg is a celebrity photographer
and Leica ambassador

1140 Are Vaccines poison?

Are medicines, like the CoViD vaccines, poison?
Of course they are!

1139 Bob Marley 77

Was he alive, Bob Marley would've been 77

1138 Krishnamurti on meditation

... namely, what meditation is not

1137 Nazism and Wikipedia

It seems Wikipedia has a Nazism problem

1144 No Mandates ?

Say No To Mandates.

1135 Israel and Palestine, Dr. Gabor Maté

... on Russell Brand: Under The Skin

1134 Bill Maher on saving the world

... it's easier talking about it than doing it

1133 Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Spotify

I'm with The Rock:
Well said, Joe

1132 Apple iPhone 14 PRO

Just announced: Apple iPhone 14 PRO Max

1131 Don't Look Up

A movie about the denial of science

1130 Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on cancer, dying, religion
and Pascal's waver

1129 Bitcoin News

Can Governments Stop Bitcoin?

1128 Sildenafil daily

Sildenafil, the little blue pill, taken daily
potentially prevents Alzheimers

1127 CoViD deaths in the US

CoViD is a leading cause of death in the US.
But guess who's dying the most?

1126 "I did my own research."

Doing your own research may have
consequences beyond your expectations

1125 Leitz Phone 1

... it's a camera, 
with a phone built in

1124 Apostrophe ...

... one of the things that               
separates order from chaos

1123 Mathematics

Mathematics ... a force of nature

1122 Jacqui Lambie says it like it is

The nation listened, when
Jacqui Lambie said it like it is

1121 No Vacc, Yes Covid

Alan Kohler says it like it is:
Not vaccinated? 
You'll get immunity by contracting CoViD.
If you survive.

1120 CoViD Vacc Wrongs

CoViD Vacc Conspiracy Wrongs