my interests are
Jiddu Krishnamurti
philosophy and spirituality
war & peace and science & technology
but in this age of climate change most relevant is
1000 "the Psychology of Climate Change Denialism"
as well as 1001 "the Future is Now"
my "Theory Of Everything"
about writing

So, how's life?

How's your life going? Up and down, probably, like with most of us …

Fox News Conspiracies

Fox News trumpeting conspiracies
is worse than we thought

Brand new Leica QX

Due to popular demand

a stunning new camera from Leica

Facts Matter

When CoViD deniers 
don't see clearly

A rotten Apple

I've used shiny, fresh Apples for decades,
but the shine has worn off for me ...
the Apple has gone rotten

Gun laws. Yes? No?

And the debate goes on and on; incredible, really

Gun Control by Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies nails the issue of Gun Control

Zen Is True

Zen Is True, that's my story and I stick with it

R.I.P. Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts, drummer of 
the Rolling Stones, dead at 80

George Carlin

George Carlin ... the ultimate Grumpy Old Man

Apple iPhone PRO SuperMax

Just announced: Apple iPhone PRO SuperMax

Liz is Ninety

Our Grandma, Liz Felton, has turned 90

Stoker Park Playground

This is the brand new Stoker Park Playground
in Sydney's Castlecrag, designed by Jan Felton

Something stinks, is it Nick Cave?

Nick Cave thinks a boycott of Israel in protest against Israeli Settlements on Palestinian territories stinks

Krishnamurti on Truth

Jiddu Krishnamurti: 
"Truth is a pathless land."

CoViD deaths in the US

CoViD is a leading cause of death in the US.
But guess who's dying the most?

Liz Felton, the Woodcarver of Balmoral

Liz Felton is the woodcarver of Balmoral

We need a vaccine against stupidity

Alan Kohler says it like it is:
Not vaccinated? 
We need a vaccine against confusion and stupidity

The Day the Dinosaurs died

This is a Kurzgesagt video about continuity
and The Day the Dinosaurs died ... stunning

Daniel Dennet and Consciousness

Daniel Dennet and Consciousness Explained

A Master's Work: Bob Martin

Us young photographers can only marvel at what true masters of their craft were capable of ...

The Conversation

The Conversation ... 
read this editor's note

Dark Emu

Dark Emu, a book by Bruce Pascoe, re-writes Australian Aboriginal history

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on cancer, dying, religion
and Pascal's waver

Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty

Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty is a talk at the KFA about whether spirituality can be considered secular 

No two snowflakes ...

No two snowflakes are the same

Happy Birthday to me

the measure of a man's success

Israel and Palestine, Dr. Gabor Maté

... on Russell Brand: Under The Skin

Richard Dawkins in good form

Enjoy Richard Dawkins at his best opposite a rather disappointing interviewer

Dawkins on CNN and BBC

Richard Dawkins talks about religion and politics
and the religious indoctrination of children


Mathematics ... a force of nature

What's it like to be a writer?

So, what's it like to be a writer, you may ask.

Beethoven and Social Media

A surprise discovery shows Beethoven was an early social media adapter

Babysitting at Balmoral

Babysitting is an important job, tough too ...

Mr Turner

We watched a stupendous movie: Mr Turner

Bill Maher on saving the world

... it's easier talking about it than doing it

Children and religious education

Jesuit maxim: Give us a child till s/he’s seven 
and we’ll have them for life

Osho, the Bhagwan

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is at the centre of a Netflix series about a utopian commune in Oregon, USA: Wild Wild Country

Driverless Traffic

Exactly what will driverless traffic mean for you and especially me?

Religion and indoctrination of the young

A pertinent question: Should parents be allowed to enforce religion on their children?

Trump fact checked

What happens when Donald Trump is fact checked?

What value Gurus?

Why do people follow a guru? Many of us want to know the truth ...

Maher, Trump, Putin, trolls

Maher, Trump, Putin, trolls - the whole catastrophe 

Unity Gym re-invented

Unity Gym in North Sydney, Australia
just before it went exclusively online, globally

The Path: At the feet of the Master

"If you know, it is your duty to help others to know."
At the feet of the Master is a spiritual classic attributed to Jiddu Krishnamurti,  
written when he was fourteen years old

the Voice of God

The movie Hacksaw Ridge sheds light on what may follow when asking God for a sign

Is there life elsewhere?

A new angle on an old question