In 1987 I set off on a spiritual journey ... the insights gained culminated in a 'panharmonicon' of 150 single-page essays about words and numbers, life and death, war and peace, truth and truthiness, spirituality and philosophy, meditation and Zen ... that sort of thing.

en.light.en.ment is a very topical book, I update and publish a new edition every month or two. However, I revise the texts frequently, often a couple of times a week and I upload the revisions immediately … so when you’re downloading an e-book or order a paperback, you’ll always get an updated version.

My book will soon also be available at Amazon and all major retailers. The book published for Amazon etc is called: en.light.en.ment volume 2018, edition 38 ... it will be re-published every year, with the updates that eventuated over the previous year. However, here on my website, through Lulu, you'll always purchase a recently updated edition (currently edition 39); for details go to book revisions.

I make the e-book available cheaply, at US$3.35 ... but I urge you to buy the paperback; the printed book provides a better reading experience ... it allows for casual reading - open it randomly, be surprised at what you may find.