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828 Climate Change is natural

Climate Change is natural; yes, we know that ...

827 Fox News changed the world

Fox News changed the world we live in ...

826 Islam and Europe

Has Islam put a noose around Europe's neck?

825 Happy Birthday To Me

The measure of a man's success ...

824 Facebook AND Twitter did it

Twitter is just as guilty as Facebook ...

823 Painters paint; art dealers make deals

Painters paint their hearts out, then art dealers & investors get their hands on their work ...

822 Apple Customer Dis-Service

This is an open letter to a rotten Apple ...

821 Sant Mat

My spiritual journey began in 1987, when I met Guru Maharaj Charan Singh Ji ...

820 Update on Facebook

Call me "a dog with a bone", if you must, I just can't let go - my bone is Facebook ...

819 Artificial Intelligence, good or bad?

What is the greatest threat to humanity? If you said climate change or Donald Trump, you could be wrong ...

818 Mega, Giga, Tera etc

Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Exa and Zetta ...

817 Cosmology and religion

Cosmologist Carl Sagan on religion ...

816 Carl Sagan: Cosmos

This extraordinary man came on my radar again,
this blog is a tribute to Carl Sagan

815 The Media, Fake News & Integrity

The Media, Fake News & Integrity, and Donald Trump ...

814 Driverless Traffic

Exactly what will driverless traffic mean for you and especially me?

813 Free Will and Krishnamurti

A potent issue: Do we have Free Will?

812 Is peace possible?

A reflection on interreligious consciousness and activism ...

811 Is Facebook your friend?

If you knew what Facebook knows about you, would you let Facebook know?

810 Trump bombed them

Trump bombed them, and we are in trouble ...

809 Free Speech anyone?

Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi's visa cancellation is deemed 'an attack on free speech' by his supporters ...

808 Do what you can't

To the haters, the doubters; do what you can't ...

807 Religious education vs syncretism

Religious education at school is inappropriate ...

806 Domestic Terrorism by the far Right

Internally in the USA Domestic Terrorism by the Far Right is worse than Islamic Terrorism ...

805 How to fix the Future

Climate Change & Global Warming are rapid and serious,
David Zuzuki & Ian Hannington tell it how it is ...

804 Timeless Portrait Photography

Good portrait photography is timeless ...

803 War and its causes

As ever, Krishnamurti doesn't mince words ...

802 Topical Action Figures

Do you like your action figures topical?

801 Meditation with Krishnamurti

How is you meditation going?
If you need your resolve re-kindled, Krishnamurti will help ...

800 The Age Of Consequences

The Four Corners show of the Century:
The Age Of Consequences

799 Westworld

Westworld: Provocative. Dark. Thrilling. Riveting. Revolting.

798 Confucianism

A new look at an old philosophy ...

797 Silence

Silence is a movie about faith ...

796 Ayaan Hirsi Ali two

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is in the news again ...

795 Israeli settlements redux

Blind support for Israel does it no favours,
or "Don Trump and Ben Netanyahu ... two liars in cohort" ...

794 Belief and Doubt

Here is another look at a favourite topic:
Belief, faith ... reality, facts ... and doubt

793 We need moderate Muslims

Listen to Sam Harris & Bill Maher talk intelligently ...

792 Trump's First Week

Ooops, what happened last week?

790 Going to a Concert?

Going to a concert any time soon?
Don't forget your binoculars ...

791 New World Order

A new world order in the times after Trump
will be an improvement on the world orders before ...

789 Blood on the Water

Syrian refugees risk perilous conditions
in their flight to safety and a better life,
just how perilous you can't imagine ...

788 Moving Vans at The White House

Moving vans arrived at the White House
to remove all traces of competence and dignity

787 The Power of Belief

I am fascinated by belief and the power it has on people ...

786 Tiny Hands

    "Grab'em by the pussy"
We don't want your tiny hands
anywhere near our underpants
    "Grab'em by the pussy"

785 The quiet Mind

Why does Krishnamurti advocate for a quiet mind?
Because it is the way to the truth.

784 Public transport too dear

What would the benefit be and what would it cost 
to reduce the cost of public transport into the city to zero?

783 The Fear of Terrorism

How justified is our fear of terrorism?

782 Israeli Settlements

The subject of Israeli settlements is of importance to us all,
if we want peace in the world, this issue must be resolved ...

781 Atheism 2.0

Atheism is more honest than agnosticism, 
but is that the end of the story?

780 Happy New Year

As we celebrate the New Year, how's your life going?

779 Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again ...