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This page is about en.light.en.ment the book


19 April 2018


We are now well into my publicity campaign by Lavidge Publicity ... very exciting. Work is being done on two fronts: The Media Outreach Campaign, where hundreds of media outlets are being contacted and sent my Press Release, and we're doing work on Social Media, namely Facebook, where we revamped my online presence.

In the video I mention the essay WASATIA which I allude to in my blog 913.

There is a media campaign timeline … last week we did a general mail-out of the Press Release, an impressive 2,257 online, print, radio and TV broadcast media were contacted (I had initially been promised it would be β€œat least 1,000”). This week contact was made with local media organisations.

Obviously it is much too early to expect results, but as I said previously, I'm not good at curbing expectations ... on my Home page, where I pigeon-hole myself into categories, I say I'm a "photographer, a writer and a dreamer". Oh boy, can I dream!

But at three o'clock this morning I had an epiphany, I got up and wrote a new essay: EXPECTATIONS (I do not have spare pages, so these days, unless I can delete one ... I need to bundled a new essay with another).

So this essay describes my disposition these days ... and it needs to be read in conjunction with page V in my book:


9 April 2018

Today Lavidge Publicity published my Press Release; this is a milestone for my endeavour of publishing and distributing my book. I say on my Things To Do list: Don't have expectations ... well, that is not going so well right now (I guess I'm showing I am only human too!)


16 March 2018


Great news:

My press release - prepared by Lavidge Publicity - is finalised and ready to go ...

it'll be released on Monday, 9 April, to start off our publicity campaign.

An interesting thing happened in the process ... the press release contains a quote from the review by Foreword Reviews (I use an excerpt of it on my landing page):

"The goal of the book is to present a challenge and urge determined exploration, but the result is far from elitist, off-putting, or aggressive ...β€œ

There was a link to their website with the review, which contains this sentence: "Disjointed front matter makes the book feel less coherent than it ends up being."

Watch my video to see what took place next (I'll not publish the entire original review, I'll only quote an excerpt; to be clear: I really like the review ... well, most of it):

Since I recorded, uploaded & watched the video, one thought came to me ... there are indeed still - even after I removed nearly twenty pages from the book - a few pages of "front matter" before page 1 (like a dedication, foreword, the impressum & contents page). Is this still deemed "disjointed"? I would find that petty.

OK, enough of that ... off to the beach now (38 degrees C = 100 degrees F) ...

It's been a productive weekend, even with our heat. I finally produced my video DEATH 1; it took me weeks to work out how to do it, but finally it all fell into place. After you watched it, click on the link above and read the essay's footnotes.



2 March 2018

When buying your copy of en.light.en.ment, I suggest you use my shop at Lulu ... this is why: You get the latest edition, quicker, cheaper and it's better.

I now have the different copies of my book ... the ones from Lulu and a couple of what I call the retail volume. The Lulu copy took and incredible 4 days to get here, ordered Sunday, delivered Wednesday (normally 6 to 7 days). The Amazon copy took a little longer, 9 days. But most importantly, when ordering here on my website from Lulu you will always receive the latest edition (for details go to Revisions) ... and then there is also the price difference:

Amazon $17.50 + $10.48 shipping = US$27.98

Lulu $17.50 + $6.33 shipping = US$23.83 (these are the shipping rates to Australia)

But that indeed is not all: It turns out the retail copies, from Amazon and Book Depository are of inferior quality. The paper is lighter than that used by Lulu - including the cover pages - which does for an altogether flimsy book. Then the content on the pages sometimes is shifted on the printed page. But the biggest problem is that lower quality paper is used and there is "see-through", where the print from the reverse side of the page shines through. Quite disappointing, all this. I've received dozens of copies from Lulu ... with none of these issues.


So I suggest you use my shop at Lulu. Latest edition; quicker; cheaper; better.

the quality issues I encountered with a book not printed by Lulu


25 February 2018

Been busy shooting videos, there are now 22 in my YouTube channel ... and I have the first subscriber: Yay! OK, that means another 128 to go ... yes, I plan to produce a video for each and every essay.



19 February 2018

I have built a new landing page for my website and we are working on a publicity campaign for my book en.light.en.ment; to coincide with that campaign I am starting something new: I'm reading essays from the book. I now have a YouTube channel. Below is the video of my first reading BALANCE