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CARSTEN BURMEISTER … biography ... contact

THE ART OF MEDITATION ... a guide; here is a page with links to documents of the COURSE CONTENT and 
THE SCIENCE OF MEDITATION... a look at research done on the subject

PHOTOART Galleries ... the heart of my Photoart ... you can buy my photos click here

ASSIGNMENTS… commercial work, recent jobs

ADVERTISING PORTFOLIO ... my page for my commercial advertising work

... and a couple of TESTIMONIALS

UNITY GYM Video Production... my main occupation these days

UNITY GYM FMS Photos... as regards Strength, Flexibility and Mobility, reach for the stars

Four professional portfolios
ADVERTISING... BURMEISTER DIGITAL my website for my commercial work
COMMERCIAL WORK... much more commercial work, hundreds of photos

For a comprehensive portfolio go to my TUMBLR page

More professional work
CANTURI… jewels
GEORG JENSEN … cutlery, hollowware, jewellery
CLASSIC TUBORG AD CAMPAIGN… my first internationally successful ad campaign
Three landmark AD CAMPAIGNS for Glomesh, Schwarzkopf, Singapore Airlines
MORAN… award winning furniture photography

I travelled to the East when I was in my twenties:
KATHMANDU1972/73 ... photos from my first great journey; see also blog 523
AFGHANISTAN 1972 / 73 ... photos from the pre-war era
INDIA 1972 / 73 ... photos from my first great journey
BALI 1977 ... photos from my 1977 trip to the Indonesian Island of Bali

LET'S GET TECHNICAL… for all you photography nerds out there

EROTIC PHOTOART … a personal project I started in 2010; if nudity offends, just do not go there (then again, do go there ... once there, you may get a new perspective: Nudity probably won't offend anymore)

THE QUEEN VICTORIA GALLERY … don't go looking for it; the QVB PHOTOART Gallery is history … this is just a nostalgic look back into the past; in fact, back to before the QVB was 'modernised', when it still had those lovely old-fashioned shop windows and the olden-day's, patinated colours