Jiddu Krishnamurti

I often reference Krishnamurti … on this page I summarise my K blogs.

If Krishnamurti is new to you, you may want to begin here ... blog 478 

Krishnamurti, when asked about his secret to enlightenment, said ...

"I don't mind what happens" ... the most profound saying ever.

The above is from my essay  KRISHNAMURTI  in my book  en.light.en.ment

Here is the original  article on Krishnamurti  by  Oliver Burkeman

Jim Dreaver talks about a meeting with Krishnamurti when the well known words were uttered ... great story, Jim. (Here I reprint the story I linked to above.)

I have an essay on  ACCEPTANCE  in my book with no title

instead three definitions for the term  en.light.en.ment

900 Krishnamurti: The wasting of energy

To bring about change, we need energy
don't waste it

879 An Interview with Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti opens up about religions and freedom

872 Standing Alone

Freedom is to stand alone, unattached and unafraid

847 Living in security

With a free mind we can live in security ...

813 Free Will and Krishnamurti

A potent issue: Do we have Free Will? 

802 War and its causes

As ever, Krishnamurti doesn't mince words ... 

801 Meditation with Krishnamurti

How is you meditation going?
If you need your resolve re-kindled, Krishnamurti will help ...

785 The quiet Mind

Why does Krishnamurti advocate for a quiet mind?
Because it is the way to the truth.

756 Trump? Whose fault is it?

Krishnamurti can help us should we ask ourselves:
"Trump? How on Earth did this happen?"

738 Krishnamurti on Possessions

Today in my inbox a sobering observation by K. Where to from here?

695 Why and How

Why is the world the way it is; how can it be changed?

680 Krishnamurti and beliefs of others

Krishnamurti on the primary cause of disorder in ourselves ...

665 The free mind and the truth

Only a free mind knows the truth ...

660 Krishnamurti, the self and self-improvement

Krishnamurti talks about the self as regards self-improvement and its consequences ...

659 The Journey Inside

Travelling educates ... but which destination offers the best education?

622 Trying to become something else

Krishnamurti warns us about the pain
of trying to become something else ...

608 Krishnamurti and the mind

Krishnamurti reminds us that the mind is an instrument that often works not in our favour ...

597 Krishnamurti on Self-Knowledge

When Krishnamurti talks about Self-Knowledge we better listen ...

593 The light cannot be given to you by another

Krishnamurti makes the point that we have to do it on our own ...

577 Krishnamurti: Being Aware

Krishnamurti talks about awareness as reminiscent of satori ...

540 Freedom from Fear

Krishnamurti shows us a way to be free of fear ...

522 Krishnamurti wanted a total revolution

For Jiddu Krishnamurti - as he observed the appalling conditions of poverty - it became obvious there must be a total revolution ...

503 One more word from the wise man

One more word from the wise man - Krishnamurti - on meditation ...

502 Krishnamurti: Belief is unnecessary

A radical thought from the man who knows what he's talking about: Belief is unnecessary ...

478 Jiddu Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti was a writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects ...

477 Krishnamurti on meditation

This text on meditation is put together from snippets of various talks by, and interviews of, Jiddu Krishnamurti ...