What's it like to be a writer?

So, what is it like to be a writer? Well, that is a question I am qualified to answer. And what I’m about to say of course does not have to be universal … if you strive to be a writer, your experience indeed could very well be totally different, at least ... let’s hope so! 

I was inspired to write about this after an email exchange with a friend, who also is my editor; she wrote to me saying: 

Hi hi! 

I've spent this week editing a writer's work and it's driving me nuts! Let me tell you, your writing is immaculate! This writer's style is very frustrating to work with ... I've had to try and make sense of a lot of sentences, typos, etc and of course trying to break down slabs of content with sub headings etc. It's good, solid editing which I enjoy, but it does do my head in at times ... I got to the point I couldn't work out whether focused had one s or two s's in it ... he gave it to me as foccused and focussing.

Ha ha!"

I wrote back saying:

"That is sooo … entertaining … and amazing ... your writing is immaculate! Gosh! Truly, you made my day, my week, my month.

"Remember, W., I am an utterly unsuccessful, ignored, rejected, overlooked, disregarded and otherwise never taken any notice of, by anyone ... writer. That’s the truth … except for Jan, she loves my writings, she loves me for my writings. She puts up with me due to my writings.

"So there. Lol (Lots of love). C."

W. and I have a strong  writing / editing / philosophising  history (these are three pages from the appendix of my book) ... and then I received this assessment:

"I LOVE your blog based on our email exchange … Your writing is sublime to read. Yes I'm being very serious. It's like reading poetry. I only wish I could write like that. Your style suits my groove, Carsten."

"That is sooo cool! I’ll print it and put it under my pillow at night! 

Thank you for telling me what you do think of my writing. 

The start of my day is getting better and better."

Anyway, in my email I included links to these blogs, which tell my story of ... 

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