In my book I have essays  SPIRITUAL  and  SPIRITUALITY, as well as heaps of essays on religion, God, the Self, Zen and meditation ... these are the dominant subject matters in en.light.en.ment, along with science and war & peace.

I have collated these blogs in order to sum up my life-stance (I have an essay WHAT I BELIEVE); and furthermore, to put into one place my take on religions and the delusional belief in a God. For my own experiences, read SATORI.

There is no Krishnamurti on this page, nor any of the other gurus; they are here: Confucius,  Buddha,  Sant Mat,  Krishnamurti,  D.T. Suzuki,  Lao-Tzu & Taoism ... what is on this page, though, is my history with E.T., blogs  468, 470, 474.

For good measure I added a bit of comedy at the end ... just to show it's all not to be taken too seriously. (I like this bon mot by Douglas Adams: "I'm fasciated with religions, I'm just stumped anyone would take them seriously.)

And - for God's sake - don't miss Stephen Fry ... I give him the last word.

1065 Christianity, God, Belief, Reality and Delusion

Is the God delusion of Christians inevitable?

1045 Does the Believer know?

Does the Believer know his scripture better
than the Unbeliever?

Bertrand Russell and Stephen Fry offer some insights into God, religion and atheism

994 A Virgin Birth?

In a couple of days 2019 years ago Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. Or was he?

985 Children and religious education

Jesuit maxim: Give us a child till s/he’s seven 

and we’ll have them for life

984 Religion and indoctrination of the young

A pertinent question: Should parents be allowed to enforce religion on their children?

981 Ethics and Religion

Do ethical principles stem from religion?

958 Belief vs. Reality

Religion and Belief versus Reality and Facts is a challenging subject

949 Einstein's Cosmic Religion

Albert Einstein - inspired by Baruch Spinoza - had a Cosmic Religio

945 The Sermon On The Mount

The Path and The Sermon On The Mount are congruent in many ways, except one ...


932 Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty

Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty is a talk at the KFA about whether spirituality can be considered secular 

921 Christianty, warts and all

A terrific podcast by Sam Harris with everything you wanted to know about Christianity 

867 en.light.en.ment FOR FREE

855 The issue of the Self revisited

In yet another fascinating podcast Sam Harris talks with German philosopher Thomas Metzinger ...

781 Atheism 2.0

Atheism is more honest than agnosticism, 

but is that the end of the story? 

694 More on God, Facts and Belief, part 4

Is there still more to say on the subject of God, Facts and Belief? Is the Pope a Catholic?

693 More on God, Facts and Belief, part 3

Is there even more to be said on the subject of God, Facts and Belief? You bet.

692 More on God, Facts and Belief, part 2

Is there more to say on the subject of God, Facts and Belief? Oh yes ... 

691 More on God, Facts and Belief, part 1

Is there more to say on the subject of God, Facts and Belief? Perhaps ...

664 "God is certainly real."

Thank God ... for if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here (writing this) ...

663 Fact and Faith

The small matter of fact and faith ... 

579 Fear, Guilt, Meditation, Nirvana, Freedom

Fear and guilt are some of our greatest enemies ... 

474 Eckhart Tolle III: I am grateful to him

I feel a shift within myself, I feel grateful toward E.T. ... 

473 True teachings

I had feedback on my recent writings regarding the spiritual path             

471 Meditation, Enlightenment and Zen

I love feedback, it makes my day (c'm on folks, make my day!) ...

470 Meditation - beyond Eckhart Tolle

Is there a better path to meditation and enlightenment than through Eckhart Tolle?  

468 Eckhart Tolle, is he for real?

Is Eckart Tolle for real? I have a bit of a history with E.T.

465 What value Gurus?

Why do people follow a guru? Many of us want to know the truth ...

461 Buddhism revisited

Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? 

451 Health, Wellbeing and Meditation

How important is health & wellbeing? It's paramount; so how can we achieve this central-to-our-lives state of being well? Read on ... 

433 Religions. It's all lies.

Would you like some more truths from Sam Harris? Religions lie ... 

422 Sam Harris, The End of Faith … religious moderation and the abyss

I am re-reading The End of Faith by Sam Harris, because of this third aspect of the book that shocks me: He postulates that religious moderation is one of the principal forces driving us toward the abyss ... 

412 Spirituality, what is that again?

Since reading Waking Up I have come across a few critiques ...

411 Spirituality, the Sam Harris way

I've just finished reading Waking Up by Sam Harris. I read the book in two six hour sessions, I couldn't put it down ... 

407 Religion ... to believe or not to believe

Religion ... to believe or not; if that is the question, is there an answer?

410 George Carlin & Religion

... so, in response to my Religion blog I got this email reminding me of George Carlin ... 

442 Stephen Fry tells it like it is

If there's a God, he's intolerably cruel. A monster ...