These are some interests of mine: Science, technology and cosmology,

interest that were awoken by Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking.

977 Richard Dawkins in good form

Enjoy Richard Dawkins at his best opposite a rather disappointing interviewer

975 The Pillars Of Creation

I like to visit space, at least in my imagination
(or one my computer)

967 Is there life elsewhere?

A new angle on an old question

953 Albert Einstein's "Weltbild"

Albert Einstein was a pre-eminent scientist, but also a humanist and pacifist 

952 Science is the antidote to Religion

Not only sticks & stones hurt, words can be even more harmful and outright dangerous, especially for children

949 Einstein's Cosmic Religion

Albert Einstein - inspired by Baruch Spinoza - had a Cosmic Religion 

946 Albert Einstein's "God Letter"

In 1954 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to my heart

943 The Fourth Filter

Can humans avert falling victim to the fifth, the Great Filter? 

942 The Great Filter redux

More on the implications of meeting the Great Filter

909 Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was the man responsible for my awakening to science and cosmology

941 The Great Filter

Will humanity survive?  

907 Autonomous Vehicles - AVs

The world is in for a car-quake - autonomous vehicles will reshape society

893 Intergalactic Life

Should we be glad when/if we find intergalactic life? No. 

890 Living with Robots

What will it be like living with robots?

883 Images from Jupiter

NASA provides us with a look at another world

866 The Future

In a recent interview the head of Mercedes Benz said their competitors are not anymore other car companies, but - besides Tesla - Google, Apple, Amazon et al.

819 Artificial Intelligence, good or bad?

What is the greatest threat to humanity? If you said climate change or Donald Trump, you could be wrong ...

818 Mega, Giga, Tera etc

Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta, Exa and Zetta ... 

817 Cosmology and religion

Cosmologist Carl Sagan on religion ...

816 Carl Sagan: Cosmos

This extraordinary man came on my radar again,
this blog is a tribute to Carl Sagan

814 Driverless Traffic

Exactly what will driverless traffic mean for you and especially me?

729 More on the Self-Driving Vehicle Disruption

Safety on our roads, the tyranny of distance, 
millions more soon to live in Sydney, 
two sides of the same coin ...

727 Population and its growth - Don't Panic

Once more, inform yourself if you think 
population growth is out of control ... 

717 Uber, Volvo, The Future

The future is here in the US; on our shores any day now ...

710 The next Disruptive Innovation: Cars as a Service

The next Disruptive Innovation: 
Electric, Self Driving Vehicles as a Service