977 Richard Dawkins in good form

Amazing ... Richard Dawkins is totally unflappable opposite this opinionated and out-of-his-depth interviewer. See below for some comments on the YouTube page.

I am quite partial to Richard Dawkins, his book The God Delusion is one of my all-time favourites; I quote from it many times in my book en.light.en.ment;  essay

(don't miss at the bottom of this blog

the Q & A discussion with Dawkins and cardinal Pell

I refer to it on page XXXIII in my book)

"Krishnan does an admirable interview with RD right up to the point about militant Islam. Just like almost everyone on the political left he just cannot accept that Islam NOW has a serious problem with violence against its own believers and the rest of the world, ludicrously trying to equate Islamic violence now with the Crusades which ended over 500 years ago."

"Quite comical really, watching someone trying to corner one the most educated men on the planet."

"How wonderful it is to listen to an intelligent, kind, scientifically literate and honest interviewee at a time when the world seems to become completely insane."

"Listening to professor Dawkins is like coming across an oasis of clear thought in our present day desert of aggressive ignorance."

"Dawkins has extremely clear logic and is a pleasure to listen to."

"Eloquent and clear as always Richard, thank you."

"Truly one of the great thinkers of our time. I could listen to this man speak for hours."

... me too, so here's more:

Above are - amongst other bits & pieces - hi-lights from the Q & A with cardinal Pell, the famous pedophile (years before he was accused, found guilty and jailed).

Below is the entire Q & A episode.

From page XXXIII in the appendix of my book ...

"However, the dichotomy to reconcile is: Belief vs. Reality (and fact). In a Q & A debate with scientist Richard Dawkins and the very glib cardinal George Pell (see GOD 6 and my blog 977), Pell obfuscated the distinction with references to how his beliefs are based in historical definitions of the ‘reality’ of God and Jesus. ‘Alternative facts’ (and ‘alternative realities’) were invented long before Donald Trump.”

… and from my essay GOD 6:

"There is no God in scientific terms, but cardinal George Pell found a way to define ‘alternative facts' and ‘alternative science’ to glibly debate this point …

… as seen in a Q & A session I feature on my blog 977.

His historical arguments have in the past been soundly

trounced in the 18th century Age Of Enlightenment

- The Century Of Philosophy - when reason finally

replaced myth. Those who adhere to the then venerable

(but since exposed as a paedophile and, in 2019, jailed)

cardinal’s facts, truths and ancient concepts of science,

are sadly still living in the dark, violent Middle Ages.

It was in those times that concepts of God as fact and

reality bedevilled people and led to religious wars."