727 Population and its growth - Don't Panic

This is a (twice) recycled blog (it's also blogs 573 & 420) ... why did I recycle it? Before I read yet another book (The Four Global Truths) which perpetuates the prevailing notion our planet will suffer over-population; but the truth is shockingly different. If you want to be informed on the subject of world population and you haven't yet, you must watch this program ...

Don't Panic: The Truth About Population

This truly is an absolutely must-see documentary, it will blow your mind (it blew mine) ... to begin with because of the way it’s made (it’s stunning, truly unique), but then the content is an eye-opener of epic proportions. The show truly is a game-changer, a shifter of paradigms, of deeply entrenched perceptions about our world. And to boot, it's the most uplifting, the most positive, the most satisfying documentary of late … what with all the gloom and doom out there.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, you thought - just like me - that the world is becoming a basket-case with an ever growing population, didn’t you? Here's news for you!

Secondly, didn’t you too believe that the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer? I certainly did. Watch this show (from the BBC), have your mind blown ... as a bonus it is the most entertaining documentary ever, no kidding.

This show will change your perception on a lot of mis-information that is out there ... and it will truly lift your spirits.

Says The Guardian:

"Hans Rosling - who presents Don't Panic: The Truth About Population (BBC2) - is a Swedish statistician. "No, don't switch off!" he says. And he's right, you shouldn't. Yes, he is basically presenting statistical data, a series of graphs. But he does it so very well, tells it like a story, the story of everyone who ever lived, and who will ever live. An important story then.

"Prof Hans even does jokes, a statistician with a sense of humour."A world of only Swedes!" he say of 12,000 years ago, when our planet's population was about 10 million, the same as his homeland today. We Brits are more ignorant than chimpanzees, he demonstrates. And, my favourite, "The camel is dead, it's reborn as a dromedary," he says about one of his graphs, which did have two humps and now just one, signifying ... oh I can't quite remember what it means, but it's good news.


"That's the other brilliant thing about this programme, it is mainly good news. Well, not as bad as you - an ignorant, selfish, relatively rich westerner (I'm guessing) - might think. Birth rates are falling in places like Bangladesh; through education and development, world population will start to level out. Poverty and hunger can be stopped. Climate change too - the worst can be avoided. Excellent news, thank you, Hans. We're saved!"

Below are two graphs ...

... these graphs hold the key to this documentary, and the answer to the question: Why should we not panic? What are you waiting for ... watch this amazing docu.