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More on self driving cars, the thing that will change lives like little else for this generation. An article in the SMH - Older experienced drivers dying on NSW roads - is disheartening …

Economic pressures could be behind a dramatic increase in the deaths of experienced male drivers on NSW roads in what the state's leading road safety expert has called a "new dimension" to the problem.

Tradesmen working long hours and travelling long distances to squeeze more jobs into their working day are some of the factors being attributed to the spike in deaths for men aged between 30 and 50.

This snippet of news is to be seen against the backdrop of the upcoming revolution promised by self driving cars. In my previous blog 710 on the issue I quoted the prevailing assumption that this will come to us probably in about ten years.

Well, fasten your seatbelts (or perhaps loosen them); as Peter FitzSimons pointed out on the weekend: The Future is here, at least in Pittsburg, USA (Wired).

FitzSimons makes the point this revolution hopefully will render Sydney smogless ...

For me the overriding issue is that driverless cars will save lives.

This, I reckon will negate the issue addressed in the SMH article quick smart.

What a great time to be alive!

And thinking about self driving ... imagine what the revolution will do to trucks

One of the industry's big problems is that drivers have to stop after eight hours ...

OK, you may not be interested in a self driving car or truck ... how about a self driving motor cycle? It'll not be available tomorrow, but maybe the day after!