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Hello - a note to reviewers

and new readers

I call my book a 'Living Book'; it is very topical and I revise it frequently. On this page you can track revisions ... if you have an earlier edition, you can see here which is the current edition and how new editions have been updated.

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An easy way to keep up with the latest changes is to order the e-book; please note, the e-book is formatted as a PDF, hence it is not available for e-book readers nor suitable for smart phones, but perfect for computers and tablets ...

... however, remember, the reason why I like you to use the paperback is that it's a much better reading experience; with my essays confined to a single page, it is easy to browse the printed book: Open it randomly, allow yourself to be surprised.

Below is an overview of the changes to en.light.en.ment through the editions.

from Lulu

Edition 81   this is the current en.light.en.ment edition, for sale from Lulu, here through my website

SOLDIERS     added a footnote about a soldier who in 2022 defended himself 
against the allegation of having committed murder

DROWNING     added a footnote with a similar near-death experience to mine

THE BEATLES     new essay


REVOLUTION     new essay

LEONARDO     new essay

PLANCK     new essay

UNITARIANISM     new essay


Edition 80   

STOPPING     new essay

SERVICE     new essay

TIME     new essay

PASCAL's WAVER     new essay

page 1     updated 


Edition 79   this is the current en.light.en.ment edition, for sale from Lulu, here through my website

ENLIGHTENMENT 3     amended footnotes and added reference to REALITY

ENLIGHTENMENT 2     added a footnote referencing Herman Hesse's Siddhartha

RELIGION 3     added footnote about the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill 
and Israel Folau

CONTRADICTIONS     new essay

BITS     new essay

ATOMISM     new essay

REDUCTIONISM     new essay

COVID     updated


Edition 78

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS      page update

COX     new essay

DICK     new essay

EMPTY     new essay


SCIENCE     new essay

TRUMPISM     new essay

SPIRIT     new essay

SUICIDE      new essay


Edition 77

IDEALISM     new essay

DEATH 6     new essay

XLIII     new appendix page, about the song "Imagine" and my blog 1119

REALITY 3     new footnote, with a quote from Phillip K. Dick

ATHEISM     new essay

BILDUNG     new essay

NIETZSCHE     new essay

EMERSON     new essay

DISRUPTION     new essay

SOCRATES     new essay

FALLIBILISM     new essay

DAO     new essay


Edition 76

DEATH 5     new essay

INTELLIGENCE     new essay

COVID    new essay


Edition 75


PHILOSOPHY     updated essay listing my influences

ATTRACTION     new essay

XLII     new page, the Satanic Temple has some divine principles

MONEY     I added two footnotes: 
some of Einstein's wisdom and the wisdom of the Babylonians

FREEDOM schmeedom   new essay


Edition 74

FREEDOM 2      new essay

ECONOMICS      new essay

ENVY      new essay

EMPIRICISM      new essay

XLI     new page, CoViD 19: Vaccinate? Yes? No? Maybe? (an edited version of my blog 1082)

ENLIGHTENMENT 2      I added one more footnote:
"So, what does it mean to live with an enlightened attitude to life?"


Edition 73

PHOSPHORESCENCE      new essay

ATTENTION     new essay

WATER      new essay

NON-PEACE      new essay

PALESTINE      new essay

Edition 72

CANCEL CULTURE     I added a footnote with the case study of Liz Cheney and Donald Trump

ENLIGHTENMENT 2      I added a footnote about the differences of enlightenment 1, 2 and 3

DREAMING     new essay


Edition 71

KOAN      new essay

CANCEL CULTURE     new essay


XL     new page, Science & technology; desire & attachments (transcript of my blog 1072)

MIND 1      I added a footnote about philosophies, religion, concepts of spirituality etc
being processes of the mind

WHAT I BELIEVE    a new point at the bottom, about the belief all beliefs are created in the mind

IDENTITY     new essay about identity politics

SILENCE 2      new essay


Edition 70

HINDUISM      new essay

DEATH 2      new essay

VEDANTA      new footnote about the Upanishads, with reference to 'the God within'

AI      new footnotes with quotes by Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates et al

FIRST CAUSE      new essay

BITCOIN  and  BLOCKCHAIN      new essays


COMPREHENSION      I removed a secondary footnote,
                               in order to concentrate on the one issue


Edition 69

COMPREHENSION      new footnote, regarding the apparent existence (or not) of a personal God

PACIFISM 3      a new footnote, about Sam Harris' take on pacifism from the book The End of Faith

GOD 2      a new footnote, regarding the notion that 'the Kingdom of God is within'

EXISTENTIALISM      new essay

SILENCE      new essay

COMPREHENSION      new essay

LOGOS      new essay

READING      new essay


Edition 68

SECULARISM      I added a paragraph: Secularism is not against religion per se ...

JUDGEMENT    I added a footnote about maintaining doubt: but that doesn't work with judgements

DRUGS      new essay


ANGER      new essay

GRATEFULNESS      new essay

LISTENING      new essay


Edition 67

MINIMALISM new essay: the less, the better

FREE WILL added a footnote about free will in respect of religions

WONDER new essay, a meditation

BUSY new essay, too busy? Think about it

WU WEI new essay, the art of inaction

DETERMINISM new essay, do we have free will?


Edition 66

STILLNESS new essay
VIRTUE new essay
SEX new essay
R R R new essay, the three Rs in education are not enough ... a fourth R is required
RELIGIOUS new essay, what is a true religious experience?


Edition 65

GUNS 2 new essay about the gun routine by stand-up comic Jim Jefferies, see blog 1054


Edition 64

XXXIX new pages about blog 1052: Humanity’s Potential, based on the book THE PRECIPICE:
Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity
AI new essay

LIE new essay

MEANING new essay

PRECIPICE new essay

ABORIGINAL new essay


EINSTEIN added a footnote to E=mc2about the properties of energy


Edition 63

HUMAN new essay, what is a human being?

RELIGION 3 updated, with new references re. the notion that only religion can provide ethics


Edition 62

ARETE new essay

After reading Chris Hedges': WAR is a FORCE THAT GIVES US MEANING (bitterly poetic war journalism), I added these essays:

WAR 1, 2

WAR / PEACE-CONSCIOUSNESSI added a footnote re. WAR
PATRIOTISMI added a footnote re. WAR

LOVEI added a footnote re. WAR

SOLDIERSI added a footnote re. WAR


Edition 61

MUSIC new essay

EINSTEIN added a definition for the theory of relativity

THE FUTURE 1 a re-write of THE FUTURE

After reading two new books (new for me) Jordan B. Peterson's 12 Rules For Life and Robert Wright's Why Buddhism Is True, I added to these essays:








Edition 60

ALTRUISM new essay


Edition 59

XXXVIIIthe full text of my blog 1001, it’s an extended version of my essay THREE THOUSAND

XXXVII new page, blog 997, re. an article in the NYT by Richard Flanegan about the climate emergency

ALONE I added the idea of still ... being alone and still may lead to experiencing inner peace


Edition 58

HOPE new essay

PEACE I re-wrote the footnotes to the essay, after I included the Stanislav Petrov incident

NOW new essay

SECULARISM new essay



*Edition 57 en.light.en.ment volume 2020, for sale - throughout 2020 - at Amazon and other online retailers *

XXXVI new page with the email exchange that forms the background to pages XXXIV and XXXV

STOICISM added a footnote about Marcus Aurelius's book Meditations

SCRIPTURE amended essay and added footnotes about the Bible's content on homosexuals

(they shall surely be put to death ...) and husband and wives (the latter shall submit to the former)


Edition 56

XXXV new page from blog 985, about religious indoctrination and the question:

What shall we tell the children

XXXIV I re-wrote page XXXIII about blog 958 Belief vs Reality

MEDITATION 3 I re-wrote the section about mindfulness meditation

BELIEF I added the footnote about believing in nothing

FAITH I added the footnote about the movie Hacksaw Ridge and Desmond Doss

BLASPHEMY a small update, with an immediate direction to THE TRUTH


Edition 55

DHARMA new essay

PRESENCE new essay

XXIV new page from blog 932 Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty

XXVII I re-wrote the conditions of the First Filter


Edition 54

QUALITY I re-wrote the essay

HAPPINESSadded a footnote about the difference in happiness for Buddhists and us Westeners

DAWKINSnew essay, about the scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins

DUALITYnew footnote about non-dualism in respect of calamities like the Holocaust

MONEYadded the last footnote, about a negative aspect of money

GOD 6added a section in the footnotes, about cardinal Pell's warped beliefs

XXXIIIamended the appendix page with blog 958 Belief vs Reality, referencing George Pell

COMPLEXITYnew essay, about the chaos in our lives

EXPECTATIONSmade changes, about how expectations are a trap

RENAISSANCE MANadded Stephen Fry,

the man who displays the effortless superiority that comes with being English


Edition 53made many changes to formatting and punctuation

GNOSTICISMnew essay, gnostics believed in a world of duality


Edition 52

THREETHOUSANDamended the time-line of the history of humankind after reading Sapiens

JESUSamended the footnotes with a reference to Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

MONEY amended the footnotes with reference to Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

FAITH added the story of Desmond Doss and Hacksaw Ridge

PANPSYCHISM new essay, panpsychism relates consciousness to the physical world

ETHICS added a section to the footnotes about the secular nature of ethics

QUALITY new essay with a definition of Quality, as per ZEN and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


Edition 51

KRISHNAMURTI added one last thought about meditation

MONEY added two paragraphs after reading The Barefoot Investor; amended my note re. Bob Proctor to: 'To help you feel rich, visit Bob at'

REALITY 1 a new edit, to the last sentence: There is no God; the belief in the dogma of an interventionist God potentially causes violence and wars

XXXIIInew appendix page with blog 958 Belief vs Reality

PHILOSOPHYnew essaylisting my influences

STOICISMmade edits after I started reading The Daily Stoic

LGBTadded non-binary and cisgender


Edition 50

FREE WILLadded a footnote about Albert Einstein's take on Free Will

HOLOCAUSTamended the definition for Zionism


SATORIadded six + one paragraphs in the footnotes, about my inner experiences

XXVIIInew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 943 about the Fourth Filter

XXIXnew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 946 about Albert Einstein's "God Letter"

XXXnew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 949 about Albert Einstein's "Cosmic religion"

XXXIInew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 953 about Albert Einstein's "Weltbild"



* Edition 49en.light.en.ment volume 2019, for sale - throughout 2019 - at Amazon and other online retailers *

EINSTEIN, HAWKINGnew essay: Hawking

XXIVnew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 945 about The Sermon On The Mount

XXVIInew appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 941 about the Great Filter

JESUSnew essay: Christians believe Jesus to be their Messiah, offering salvation & eternal life

REALITY 1new essay: There is no God, so there's no point fighting wars of which God is true

REALITY 4added footnotes with a comment by Krishnamurti, and after reading the book The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking: What is Reality?

SCRIPTUREadded a paragraph in the footnotes, about Jesus' Sermon On The Mount

THE FUTURE 2new essay: Will humanity survive?

CLIMATE CHANGE DENIALISMI added a mention of natural, Ice Age causing climate change

WHYI added three footnotes

XXVthis is the abbreviated version of my blog 938 about Leo Tolstoy and his take on the truth

XXXIII have re-introduced my UNITY page


Edition 48


XVIIthis is a re-write of page 17 in the appendix, my abbreviated version of my blog 482 on truth

JAINISMmade a change referring to the Jain's concept of truth

THE TRUTH 3, 4new essays; combined with THE PATH


Edition 47

THE PATHnew essay; also new:

XXIII The Path: At the feet of the Master; see also my blog 935

THE TRUTH 1, 2I combined the two essays on the one page, to make room for THE PATH

CREATIVITY, CRIME I added CREATIVITY, which I had deleted before

METAPHYSICS I made changes since I added CREATIVITY again

GOD 6 I added a second section with a reference to a Krishnamurti book, see also my blog 935

WISDOM I added another footnote, also with a reference to a Krishnamurti book


Edition 46

KNOW YOUR SELF in the footnote, I added the very last sentence, "the self is a process"

MEDITATION 2 I added new footnotes, quotes from Krishnamurti and Osho, see also my blog 927

SPIRITUAL new footnote, about Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty, see also my blog 932

VEDANTA new footnote about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & Transcendental Meditation, blog 931


Edition 45

GOD 1 this is a re-write of the essay

I have re-instated the additional pages that were in the front of edition 37, they're now an appendix (I removed them after the Foreword Review, see my vlog of 16 March 2018). These are the pages:


Edition 44

ATARAXIA added three paragraphs to the footnote, about how to learn happiness

EXPECTATIONSnew essay, about how they inhibit our personal freedom - bunched together with EVIL


Edition 43

FREE-THINKING, FREE WILLtwo essays on the one page, FREE WILL is new, edited from WILL

DETACHMENTvideo added footnote about Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, + two more paragraphs about the news

WASATIAnew essay, about the Palestinian peace movement


Edition 42

CHILDREN Saskia, Yani and Radjin

BLASPHEMYvideo added definition for 'oxymoron'

SATORI added quote by Virginia Woolf

RATIONALISMvideochanged the last sentence in the footnotes: Making the right choices

RELIGION 2videotwo paragraphs added at the bottom: Don't underrate one aspect of religion

VEGETARIANtwo paragraphs added to the footnote about the work of Jane Goodall


Edition 41

FACTFULNESSvideonew essay, about two new books I have on order ... very exciting, see my blog 891

FACTFULNESS work in progress ... there's method in the madness

LIFEvideo new page; LIFE 1 & 2 combined and edited ... to make room for FACTFULNESS

GOD 3video edited the last sentence in the bottom section


Edition 40


ALONEvideo two paragraphs added at the bottom

DEATH 3video two paragraphs added at the bottom: Who does the dead body belong to?

DELUSION, EGO ego is a new essay

DUALITY added second paragraph from the bottom ... "Indeed, it must be understood ..."

GOD 3video the bottom section with three new paragraphs and UNITY added

THE FUTURE three new paragraphs added at the bottom

WAR the bottom paragraph added, the one about what shall happen first when declaring war


Edition 39

BLASPHEMYvideo new essay

CREATIVITY ... this essay has been deleted, to make room for BLASPHEMY; along with deleting Creativity, I've deleted the Nine Dots puzzle from my book (even though it was ever so pertinent on the EINSTEIN page)

GANDHI clarified comment on Gandhi's quotes

METAPHYSICS edited after CREATIVITY was deleted

REALITY 1 added comments at the bottom, three paragraphs



* Edition 38 en.light.en.ment volume 2018, for sale - throughout 2018 - at Amazon and other online retailers