Yet another side of Balmoral

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You could say  I am taken in by Balmoral  … it arguably is the best spot in Sydney and since Sydney is the best city in the world, it follows that Balmoral is the best spot in the world. Actually, one can’t really argue that point … but there is more to Balmoral than its stunning beach: One only has to cross the main road (at the Southern end of the Esplanade, before Balmoral Oval at the corner of Coronation Ave, opposite the children's playground) and one is right in Middle Earth (astonishingly, the spot is not marked on Google Maps).


People have lived at  Balmoral  for more than three thousand years ... just let that sink in: White man has been in Balmoral for little more than two hundred years ... frankly, the Aborigine's ghosts seem ever present.