PHOTOART picture files

PHOTOART Picture Files For Sale


You can purchase hi-res picture files of (nearly) all my photos ... email me a thumbnail of the picture you want to purchase and I will let you know if it is not for sale; most pictures are for sale, the only ones exempted are the Mardi Gras Fringe photos and the portraits (as well as the Erotic Photoart pictures).


The picture files are available in two formats, jpeg files are about 3 to 8 mb (supplied via email) ... tiff files approx. 50 or 60 mb (supplied via You Send It upload), they cost AUD$165 and AUD$275 respectively.  Currency Converter


This is what my Shop looks like; you get there if you keep clicking a photo in the PHOTOART Galleries:

You can also request signed prints from me ... just  email me,  we'll talk ... I'll charge you $275 (for the photo) + the cost of the print (here is  David Myer's  website with his prices) + a handling, signing & shipping charge of $50.

Please Note: The sale of these picture files is for private use only ... i.e. you may use them to make a print for personal use. Commercial sales attract usage charges ... please  contact me  for details.

However, not all my photos are in the PHOTOART Galleries ... they may be in Tumblr only, or in one of my blogs. Again, just send me a thumbnail of the picture and we take it from there. And if you do not want to go through PayPal or use your credit card ... just direct credit the amount to my bank account: