"Consciousness is a bag of tricks" (Daniel C. Dennett); that may be so ... but we still want to use our consciousness to make sense of our world ... and of ourselves. UNITY is a belief system - call it a creed, if you will - that aims to help with the task.

UNITY's aim is to cut through the memes inserted in our consciousness by religions. The truth is: There is no God ... that may sound like too simple a proposition, but it's hard to argue against it, if one thinks things through thoroughly; I do that in my book en.light.en.ment

UNITY Charity is an educational tool that's set up to educate both children and adults about spirituality without religion or a God ... and about ethics. The conjunction of spirituality and ethics is the means by which first inner peace and then outer peace (world peace) shall be achieved.

I go into a lot more detail of this subject matter in the UNITY Charity Charter. However, in order to tackle these questions (which are some of the biggest of the big questions) there is a requirement we need to fulfil; we need to understand the dynamics and the syncronicity of ...