772 World Human Rights Day

We were a motley crew at the demo on World Human Rights Day. It was largely about Aboriginal Rights, but there were plenty of other rights in the spotlight too  ... my favourite sign probably is the handmade one saying:


NOT just white humans

NOT just rich humans

NOT just lucky human



That message hits the spot. As far as I am concerned I have allegiance to no organization, no group, party or institution. I’m not a Green, not Labour, not a socialist, no Christian, Buddhist or adherence to any other religion, even not a philosophy (if any of the above, I would lean toward Buddhism, the Zen kind) … although, if I'm anything, I’m a humanist. Humanism describes best my life-stance.


I have written essays on the subjects of HUMANISM and WHAT I BELIEVE in my book with no title, instead three definitions for the term  en.light.en.ment

There is one thing I need to add here (I thought I was done with writing on the subject, but no ...) ... I once had a conversation with a conservative, a libertarian, who said, "You know, it's not only the Left who are supportive of Human Rights & values." Interestingly - if that is true - where (if indeed we were a motley crew) were all the conservatives at this Human Rights demo? Have a look at the photos below ... obviously I didn't photograph everyone, but if in any of the photos you detect a person who would fit the description of conservative, please point them out to me. Why weren't there any (at least not enough to make up any numbers)?

Could it be that conservatives are by nature not too interested in Human Rights? Could it be that their priorities in life - to be wealthy, to look after property & stock values - exclude notions of equality, conservation over conservatism, personal success (read wealth) over equitable distribution of resources on a global scale? Indeed, how could you object to a venture like the Adani mine in Queensland, if your shares portfolio includes investments in mining, coal and energy? Hmmm ...

So this is what the show was about: HERE TO HELP indeed; JUSTICE NOW; WELCOME REFUGEES - refugees ARE welcome; CLOSE THE CAMPS, BRING THEM HERE; FREE PALESTINE; and - Krishnamurti  would agree - we need: