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The saying goes, a picture says more than 1000 words ... one could say a video says more than 1000 pictures. Talk to me to see what type of video I can produce for you; I will make a strong case that video can enrich your web presence immensely.

Check out my Promo Video:

My story : Carsten Burmeister
photographer, videographer, writer, dreamer
10:31 minutes

Yani Burmeister of Unity Gym introduces LinkFit, the software he developed together with his friend Grant, for personal trainers to run their business with; this is the 1st video of currently 16 training vids, soon to be many more. 5:20 minutes

Radjin Burmeister of Unity Gym interviews Ben Slater of Primal Sydney, about body-weight strength training, 4:12 minutes

Saskia and Jamie's testimonial about their birth experience

Here's a new video with testimonials for the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Yani introduces his series of Health Tips videos, so far we have shot 24 videos, 1:24 minutes

Here is an in-depth look at Yani's Favourite Five floor exercises that don't require equipment, 13:23 minutes

This is the introduction of Primal Sydney to Unity Gym, 3:19 minutes

This the first LinkFit video we shot, with John Field.

Unity Gym thirty second cinema commercial: 0:35 minutes

Testimonial : Annette Houghton and her trainer Mish at Unity Gym ... 2:51 minutes

ZenFlex with Mish is a tutorial, this is part two of two, with Upper Body exercises ... 3:52 minutes

ZenFlex with Mish is a tutorial, this is part one of two, with Lower Body exercises ... 6:01 minutes

This is a Promo Video for Primal Sydney ... the video is cut together from 88 thirty second exercise videos ... 5:02 minutes

Here's a bunch of videos by the gorgeous Base Body Babes ... just 4 to whet your appetite; we produced 35 of them;
also check out the studio still shots we did for their e-book

Testimonial : Check out what Michael has achieved in just 4 months at Unity Gym ... 3:16 minutes

Richard's Strongman Class at Unity ... 2:16 minutes

Testimonial : Hear what Bex has to say about the Unity Gym 21-day challenge ... 2:38 minutes

Testimonial : Caroline Raymond, interview with Mish ... 1:30 minutes

Boxing at UNITY GYM with Rad, Bex and Drew ... 1:41 minutes

Testimonial : Adrian Sneary's experience with Unity Gym, as he does weight lifting ... 5:08 minutes

Testimonial : Jimmy Naumovski trains at Unity Gym, today he does an upper-body workout ... 1 minute