752 Trump. Jail. OMG.

Trump will be in jail within a year


I made a throw-away comment in a previous blog (750) about what would happen if Trump gets sued by just one of the women he abused … boy was I naíve!

In United States law, the federal government generally enjoys sovereign immunity from lawsuits; I cannot find reference right now that this would apply to The Donald. If it doesn’t … well, then he could be in some trouble. Why was I naíve? Because I didn’t realize he currently has - wait for it - seventy five lawsuits pending. And it is said sovereign immunity does not apply to suits brought against him before he becomes president. Goodness. Me.

Oh, btw ... how many lawsuits has the man been involved in altogether? More than three thousand five hundred; and that while he threatens more than he brings to court (and then usually loses). Some President you got yourselves there, US of A.