736 Global Warming Schwarming

Oh dear, why is this so difficult? A letter in the newspaper today rehashes the old chestnut: Global warming started millions of years ago with the demise of the ice age! Chris Jobson (see below) talks about apples while the discussion about "global warming" is about oranges: it’s not about the changing of climates world-wide over millennia, oscillating between ice ages and warmer periods (which is natural and undisputed), the oranges we talk about is “man-made global warming.” 

Which indeed started about 180 years ago, at the onset of the industrial revolution. If one wants to be precise, man-made global warming actually started about 5000 years ago, at the onset of argriculture and animal husbandry. Natural climate change is very gradual, a degree or two over thousands of years (much too gradual for the individuals living at the time to experience on themselves).

Man-made gloabal warming is much too rapid for comfort: a degree or two in a couple of hundred years is very much within every living person’s (and their direct descendents’) range of experiences. 

Oh ignorance, your name is too much (little and limited) scientific knowledge; 

and the truth is, ignorance - unlike our planet - will last forever.

SMH letter by Christoper Jobson:

No, global warming didn't start 180 years ago; it started millions of years ago with the demise of the Ice Age and the truth is that this planet is not going to be in existence for ever.