827 Fox News changed the world

"We live in the world that Roger Ailes bequeathed us. It is a world of vivid colour and certainty of view, of endless threat and hyper-vigilance. A world in which good and evil is delineated by presenters with lustrous hair and brilliant teeth." SMH


How Roger Ailes and Fox News changed the world


"Ailes created the political environment that allowed Donald Trump to become president, a news and political model that has swept the western world, including Australia.


"Ailes was the creator of Fox News, the hard right cable news channel that came to dominate American politics and that made Rupert Murdoch one of the most powerful men on earth.


"Fox News not only backed Republicans, but traduced their opponents as illegitimate, if not downright treacherous. Americans who might once have disagreed with one another were encouraged to mistrust one another. 

"The Republican Party learnt to describe Democrats as "out of touch" and "elite" even as they cut taxes for the wealthy and support for the poor. Expertise, particularly that expressed by America's intelligentsia, became a thing to be derided rather than lauded.


"Fox is now central to the Trump administration. Political reporters now wake early to watch the morning program Fox and Friends because this is how Trump starts his day, and it is this program that often prompts the President's early-morning Twitter storms.


"God help us."