Photography at its finest

Two blogs ago I said “I can’t help but admire a photographer’s outstanding work” ... and here is another one. When I emailed a prominent photography writer, critic and reviewer of photography books and camera equipment, asking his advice as to what camera I should recommend this photographer to get as an upgrade for her iPhone - because she’s quite a good photographer - he emailed back ... 

“She’s better than good. I am bowled over and green with envy. 

She is actually a Photographer [In comparison I have to consider 

myself a Camera Operator ... different thing].” 

Here then is another case - if that at all was necessary - where it is clear that the type of camera equipment one may proudly own is utterly unimportant when it comes to producing amazing photographs. What is important is the vision, the style, composition, light and catching of the “decisive moment”. 

This photographer specialises in children, landscapes, still life. Her grasp of the medium is exemplary, her photos are picture-perfect - negative space anyone ? - touching and startling in their capture of the moments in their lives the young woman wants to document. 

Oh, and she’s my daughter, her subjects are my grandchildren. So, am I biased? Nope. Cold, hard, rational, objective, realistic.

Update ... this is what I said to people who commented: 

"Guess she takes after her dad", "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

… yeah, but wouldn’t you know it, she doesn’t ask for - or take - any advice from me on her photography. She is truly self-taught and has developed her style & technique all on her own. She is furiously independent!