885 Climate Disruption

Climate Disruption

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This blog could upset you, it is about:


I was reading an article in the SMH today and I wanted to write a blog about it. As I googled “climate disruption” I came across these three videos. I’ll say, hold tight on to the chair you’re sitting in … after watching, you’ll hold tight on to your loved ones.

Here goes:

The world hasn’t ended … but the world as we know it has.

Guy McPherson:

"I can't imagine there will be a human on the planet in 10 years."

Humans are heading for mass extinction. Mankind has less then 10 years left according to climate change scientist Guy McPherson.

Guy McPherson, a biology professor at the University of Arizona, says the human destruction of our own habitat is leading towards the world's sixth mass extinction.

"It's locked down, it's been locked in for a long time - we're in the midst of our sixth mass extinction."

Of course this is all scaremongering, the video is alarmist, it is preposterous a theory, its purpose is to rattle us and you won't believe any of this, just like me ... and most everybody else; I mean, how on Earth (pun intended) could it be true?

You may want to watch the docu below. And anyway, what about "hope"?

"I think hope is a horrible idea. Hope is wishful thinking. Hope is a bad idea - let's abandon that and get on with reality instead. Let's get on with living instead of wishing for the future that never comes."

If hope is the wrong term (and it is) then how about ...

Abbott-Turnbull and Trump, I'm looking at you.

Elect leaders who have the best for humankind (that's you, me & our kids) in mind, and who act accordingly. Maybe, just maybe, it is not too late. 

The last video is interesting. The presenter says he stopped caring about climate change. He says all he cares about is how it will affect us ... it is from 2014.