603 Balmoral ... here I come

Balmoral … here I come.


We moved from Cremorne to Balmoral yesterday (on 11 Nov 2015). Today I found time for an early morning walk on the Esplanade, going South... which took me past the Bathers Pavilion to the Balmoral Boatshed (a.k.a. The Boathouse) and beyond. 

On a fine day Balmoral Beach is rather busy at seven o’clock in the morning; folks walk their dogs, go for a run and a swim, and … people stop, smile and talk to you. That’ll take a little getting used to!


The Boatshed was as busy as … and many tables were occupied by business people who obviously had a business breakfast. Way to go! Our next business meeting will be ... well, you know where; maps enclosed.


My next walk will be North, along the Balmoral rock shelf, a different environment and a different look. I expect there will not be so much foot-traffic … it'll be interesting to see just how I will cope with the Balmoral life-style (insert lame joke here, such as: "It's a tough call, but a man has got to do what a man's gotta do.")

(shot with my five year old iPhone)