Trump and the Nazis

This email landed in my inbox:

It is clear that the Democrats are using the recent Capitol Hill riot by about 100 fringe individuals belonging to extremist groups including BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs, to justify the purge of all Trump supporters in American life and the crackdown on free speech (“wrong thought”).  Frightening.

But this sort of thing has happened before…….important to know your history.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”……...

Here's my response:

With all due respect, there is an awful lot wrong with this email. To begin with, you attack Democrats for a crackdown on free speech … and you’re citing the Nazis as precursors for limiting free speech. I assume you’re inclined to holding up Trump as a paragon of free speech, is that correct? 


Frankly, as Nazi comparisons go, Trump is in good company with Heydrich, Hitler, Himmler, Göring and Göbbels. He gave them a sterling run for supremacy in the propaganda/demagoguery department; he convinced tens of millions of gullible Americans - Clinton's “basket of deplorables” - that he had won the election !?!

In four years, President Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims

(I'm loath bringing the Nazis into  any  discussion ... but I didn't start it.)

As a result he has militias - brainwashed and armed to the teeth - “standing by”; God knows how that will end. Luckily he had only four years with his attempt to wreck the world  ... as opposed to the Nazis' twelve; one shudders thinking he could have been around for another four. 

Yes, the Reichstag fire (by most accounts lit by a communist) was used as the basis for the imprisonment of anyone opposing the Nazis, and - importantly: this is the dreaded “crackdown on free speech" - to suppress publications not considered "friendly" to the Nazi cause. Some claim the Reichtags Fire was actually a ploy by the Nazis. So, the Trumpists ransacked the Capitol: with your comparison, are you suggesting the narrative should be changed, that it wasn’t Trumpists who are responsible, but the riot was a ploy by leftist provocateurs? Is that your point? 

Oh dear; isn’t this re-inventing and manipulating of the truth  exactly  what the Nazis did? It is sooo odd that the Nazis should be referred to in this context ... really, the comparison of Nazis & Trumpists  runs in favour of opponents  to Trumpism, and emphatically so ( ... since we are talking about "wrong thought”). 


The main reason why we are here is this: BLM and ANTIFA agent provocateurs … you must provide evidence for that claim ... I tried but I couldn’t find any. 

But please, reputable media ... not some internet/social media/conspiracy BS ... QAnon (link)


In the meantime I note that you are throwing your lot in with … 

The FBI … hunted down more than 300 suspects … thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators ... Trump true-believers ... Proud Boys ... Boogaloo Bois … costumed QAnon conspiracists … neo-Nazis … white supremacists.


Cheers, C.