Krishnamurti is asked: Does God exist?

Belief is a tricky thing … it is always tendentious and often detrimental. Here Krishnamurti is asked, “kindly give a straight reply, yes or no: Does God exist?” "It's a lovely question, isn't it?" The answer is: No.

"You are in a jungle, you have to walk through it by yourself. But we say, we are not capable of it, tell us what to do. So for that we have our belief in God. But belief has no place where truth is concerned."

"You think there is something inside you which is permanent, which is the light of God ... call it 'Atman', 'soul', 'light', whatever. That there is something in your conscience which is not wordly, which is not of thought." 

"Just belief, belief, belief."

I have an essay  BELIEF