905 Joyce and morality

It’s been a busy week for this blogger (10 blogs! Don’t miss Babylon Berlin and Seinfeld), but today - in view of the ever-present Me Too issue - I had to ask this question: Are we allowed to moralise around Barnaby Joyce? The answer is: Yes. And I'm not talking about him leaving his wife & children and getting with his lover.

This is the letter I wrote to the newspaper:  

It’s reported that Joyce finally agreed his position was untenable, after an allegation of a sexual assault was levelled at him. What is the allegation? A few years back, at an awards ceremony, a somewhat drunk Joyce pinched a female on the bottom! He strenuously denies the allegation, as does the PM’s office. And this was what finally brought the man undone?!


Note to all politicians, entertainers, sports people, anyone in the public eye (anyone really): When confronted with an allegation like that, there is one reasonable response available to you: “I don’t remember the incident, but if it happened, I unreservedly apologise. That sort of behaviour is utterly reprehensible and I do not condone it under any circumstances, drunk or not.”


The other possible response, “It didn’t happen, I will strenuously defend myself against the allegation” is just not reasonable. It shows the defender as being morally lacking and, in the case of a politician, lacking judgement and thus being unfit for any job.


Carsten Burmeister, Mosman