Welcome to my blog


I started writing blogs about twelve years ago, probably in 2005. Then I wrote less than one blog per week; these days I write and publish two or more blogs every week, so you may get an email alerting you to new blogs more than once a week.

As you can see by the number before a blog title, I have written a few hundred blogs; I always publish a summary on Facebook where there is room to give feedback (frankly, it looks like most people don't know giving feedback on Fb is possible).

My blog serves three purposes ... first and foremost I wish to alert you to my book en.light.en.ment and inspire you to buy it ... phew, I'm glad that's out of the way! You'll find that many blogs link to essays I have written ... and to my book.

Furthermore, I wish to push an agenda with my blogs ... I have three hobbies:

1) the truth (spirituality without religion or God), 2) Pacifism, 3) leftish Politics with an emphasis on Climate Change Action, Sustainability, Environmentalism.

But I also want to entertain you, get you to look at stuff you otherwise probably wouldn't look at. In that department my blog is design-ish; I like good design - especially photography - and I'll spread around what I find on the net.

All content on my blog is open-source, feel free to re-blog any of it, or to copy and paste; having said that, I would appreciate it if you link back to me ... thanks. Am I passionate and opinionated? You bet ... click here for the Introduction to my book.

So, do I have favourite blogs? Yes: 293 with my To Do List for this life and: 568 with my Theory Of Everything

No. 647 is very personal, my own history of The Seventies and Now. Another very personal blog is 738 What is Peace? And of course 825 Happy Birthday To Me. 

Anyway, scroll down on my blog ... you are bound to find stuff you like. When you do, talk to me.

293 To Do List for this life

Are there Rules of Life? Can life be reduced to simple formulas? Loaded questions for the seeker of truth ...

568 the Theory Of Everything
The Theory Of Everything; worth ten grand ...

647 The Seventies and Now

A trip down Memory Lane, with consequences ...

738 What is Peace?

We all strive for peace, inner as well as outer peace ...

825 Happy Birthday To Me

The measure of a man's success ...