810 Trump bombed them

Oh boy, are we in trouble, or what?! Us Leftie, long-black swilling, anti-war, Trump-hating know-it-alls?! @#$%^&*()


What now? Trump went ahead and acted on everyone’s revulsion after the gas attacks in Syria. He bombed them. YOU CAN’T DO THAT … we would like to say. Then again, SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING.

And Trump did … 

A) and it either will start another, even bigger war, maybe even WWIII … or 

B) it will help stop the war.


Here’s why we are in trouble: Of course we don’t want A), of course we want B). If A) happens we will hate Trump even more, rightly so. If B) happens - which of course is what we desperately want - well … then what? Will we stop hating Trump? Do we root for Trump and hope he’ll score an unprecedented accomplishment on the world stage? One that Obama couldn’t achieve? One that would give him & his supporters endless bragging rights?


See what I mean!?