806 Domestic Terrorism by the far Right

A while ago (blog 783) I wrote about how terrorism is a political tool for the West’s leaders, namely Donald Trump. They use the Fear Of Terrorism to further their own agenda. The agenda being - of course - to mollify the public and to distract from ‘real’ problems … and this is not to diminish the problem that terrorism presents, but - as I said then - it needs to be seen in proportion and in context.


Today in the paper (SMH) an article by our resident New York correspondent Josephine Tovey sheds a new light on the issue: Donald Trump trumps up terrorism incidents overseas and domestically that can be linked - even if ever so strenuously - to Islamism. That is where he gets traction and here he is sure of support from the ‘Deplorables’ who voted him in.


Yet, he ignores the domestic terrorism perpetrated by his supporters … namely white, middle class males, who inhabit the very right wing fringe of American society. And who cause many more deaths in America than the much maligned Islamists. Read the article, it is rather enlightening.

Furthermore, Trump’s and his team's relentless framing of the threat to America as one posed by foreign Muslim terrorists is simply out of step with the real threats faced in his country. 

According to the think tank New America, "jihadist" attacks account for 95 deaths from terrorism in the US since 2002 (49 in the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre alone), most of which were carried out by American citizens or legal residents. A further 51 people died as a result of what it classified as right wing political violence and 5 from left wing political violence.

Nevertheless, the president maintains that a travel ban from a handful of Muslim-majority countries is what will keep Americans safe.