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Site Development Brief

My site needs to be streamlined for use on tablets & smart phones; below is the brief of works that I think need to be done:



1)     I must stress:  At this stage - for better or for worse - I do not want a total re-development of my existing sites, both and - enclosed samples A, B, C  ... no changes to my Landing page, Home page, Photoart pages.


2.     I wish to make changes to all other pages of my website, to make it tablet & smart-phone friendly; i.e. make the pages narrower by placing my name (with the link to my Landing page) at the top, above the page content; see samples: D. New page designs 

3.     All new pages that are created in the CMS shall be 680 pxs wide.

4.     Once the above points are dealt with, I wish to review the site and disable the function where clicking a link opens a new page. 



5.     Furthermore, I wish to investigate if it is feasible to delete unused pages.

6.     My You Tube and Instagram pages need further development and exposure.

        We need to improve SEO, the site needs more traffic ... 

        ... which should result in more sales of my book en.light.en.ment


Importantly, while it has been suggested to me many times to change, I wish to continue with the technology of my website: .aspx (ASP.NET). I acknowledge it is an old tech (my site was first created 20 yrs ago), but the CMS suits me.

Please note: The main purpose of my site is to sell my book en.light.en.ment ... the purpose of my site is to sell my Erotic Photoart Magazines.

A.  Landing page:

B.  Home page:

C.  Photoart pages:

        The pages above shall stay unchanged, all other pages shall be narrowed, from approx. 1,000 pixels wide to 680 pixels wide, where the logo (my name, with the link to my Landing page) shall be placed above the page content.

All new pages that will be created in the CMS shall be 680 pxs wide - the text/image area shall be 615 pxs wide - with my logo & the link and a grey line (40% black, 2 pxs in width) beneath it:


Below are instructions of how the existing pages shall be changed; please note that I have another URL:, those pages shall be altered in just the same way (see layouts below):

D.  New page design:

Below are the layouts for my other website:, those pages shall be altered in just the same way as the ones on