744 Security is elusive

After my blog about Peace (738 What is Peace?) let me follow up with some musings about Security. What is security? It is a mirage. It’s not real. There never is, there never will be security. If we ever think ourselves secure, we are deluded.


Security is desired by all; yet, it's elusive, indeed impossible to find. A case in point is this week’s experience by a family visiting Dream World, a fun park on the Gold Coast: They went on a wild-water ride and four of them were killed in an accident.


They went to a fun park, to have fun … and four of them died.


We crave to be not just safe and sound, but to be safe and secure. It is a given that most of us require a feeling of security in order to be at peace. However, we do not spend much time thinking about how fragile life actually is … until an incident like the one at Dream World jolts us and drags us into reality: Nobody is secure, ever; not only in Iraq & Syria (just watch the World News), but also not in a fun park. Or when you drive your car; or just cross the road.

A cliché offers itself here: Don't take life, your family ... anything, for granted.

I wrote this blog after I received this text from Krishnamurti:

The search for security

Throughout the world human beings are always seeking security, both physiological and psychological. Physical security is denied when psychological security - which does not really exist - is sought in various forms of illusion and in divisive beliefs, dogmas, religious sanctions and so on. When there are these psychological divisions, there must inevitably be physiological division with all its conflicts, wars, and the suffering and the tragedy and the inhumanity of man to man. 

Krishnamurti, The Wholeness of Life, p150