342 Rube Goldberg Machine as music video ...

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

Is this the best Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM) ever ... for a music video ? We all know them, RGMs have been successfully employed by the advertising industry ... you know, the amazingly complicated kinetic sculptures that performed simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways.

So here is the music clip for the OK Go song This Too Shall Pass ... with a Rube Goldberg Machine treatment. Awesome! (And no less than 43m views on YT)

turn your volume right up ... the song is not bad either

For reasons of full disclosure, here are the words to the song:

You know you can't keep lettin' it get you down

And you can't keep draggin' that dead weight around.

If there ain't all that much to lug around,

Better run like hell when you hit the ground.

When the morning comes.

You can't stop these kids from dancin'.

Why would you want to?

Especially when yor already gettin' yours.

'Cause if your mind don't move and your knees don't bend,

well don't go blamin' the kids again.

When the morning comes.

Let it go, this too shall pass.

Hey! Let it go, this too shall pass.

You know you can't keep lettin' it get you down.

When the morning comes.


This Rube Goldberg Machine was built by Brett Doar, who has created other RGMs for many a tv commercial, such as for GoldieBlox toys and Nokia/Microsoft ... check them out at Visual News (Rube Goldberg called; he said this video is flipping great) Yeah, right ... Reuben Garrett Lucius "Rube" Goldberg hasn't called anyone since 1970. Apparently the video - and the Rube Goldberg Machine - took six months to produce.

Like to see more from Brett? Try this one: