256 / It's not the knife & fork, it's the chair


It's not the knife & fork, it's the chair that causes our obesity epidemic; that's right: Keep moving, if you want to increase your chances of not dying of a heart attack. The evidence is mounting: Sitting can kill you (I had a link to a newspaper article here, but the article has been removed from the SMH site).


Make no mistake: Walking is “a feat of glorious engineering” ... as is squatting.

“Humans have been compressed into chairs ... it is an unnatural position ... it is an unhealthy way of spending our days. Simply put, we are not designed to do it.”



The The Heart Foundation recommends:



Take a break from your computer every 30 minutes

Take breaks in sitting time during long meetings

Stand to greet visitors

Use the stairs

Stand during phone calls

Walk to talk to colleagues instead of phoning or emailing

Drink more water – walk to the kitchen to get it

Move bins away from desks

Use height-adjustable desks so you can also stand while working



Walk during commercial breaks while watching TV

Do household chores while watching TV

Stand to read the morning newspaper

Hand-wash the car instead of taking it to a drive-through wash

Walk while taking phone calls and/or texting and emailing



Use public transport instead of the car and walk to and from stops or stations

Walk or cycle part of the way to your destination

Plan regular breaks during long car trips

Stand up on public transport and offer your seat to a person more in need

Get on and off public transport at earlier stops and walk the rest of the way to your destination