791 New World Order

On the news yesterday talking heads were discussing if the Australia Day date should be changed, i.e. have the celebrations moved to another day. Many people say Australia Day to them is Invasion Day … I get it, that does make sense if you identify as Aboriginal.


There was a dissenting voice, one Aboriginal leader said, “No, leave it the way it is” ... moving the day would mean the discussion about the significance of the day to Aboriginals would be stifled. Adhering to the status quo means each year they can voice their grievance and that way they will be heard. Into perpetuity. Good point.


That brings me to Donald Trump; President Trump. What nasty two words. A while ago I wrote a blog, 774 Keep up the Rage. Oh yes, that’s a given, we must keep up the rage. However, could Trump, with his antics - just like keeping the date of "Invasion Day" - be the catalyst for sane voices coming to the fore?

Here’s the thing: Since Trump became president a few truths have emerged and “truthiness” as well as "alternative facts" are under the spotlight. I have an essay TRUTHINESS in my book with no title instead three definitions for the term en.light.en.ment


Ringing in my ear is a line from comedian Jim Jefferies (in his show “Freedumb”) about Trump, “hey, let’s do it; let’s see how crazy shit can get!” It sure is getting crazy, Jim. And that got me thinking: Trump’s election is good.


Over the next four years a lot of crazy shit will come out and moderates, liberals, thinking people, people with a conscience etc will have ample opportunity to sharpen their senses and evoke a new world order ... after Trump. Which will improve on the one that's gone before; indeed, even the ones that went before Trump.


Trump's retrograde thinking about the environment and climate change, combined with his eagerness to advance his business cronies and his "America First" and "Make America Great Again" nonsense - not to mention his incessant habit of lying - will rally the troops and bring out the best in level headed critics; they'll be fired up to formulate a new world order that will put Trumpism in its place.

The times ahead are exciting. As the flight attendant says: "... Fasten your seatbelts - there's turbulence ahead."