Music Blogs

I like to blog about music ...

1119 Imagine turns fifty

... and still going strong

1117 Peace Train  

... Song Around the World

1116 Worried about you  

... soundcheck

1115 MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

... by Lil Nas X
what a video!

1111 R.I.P. Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts, drummer of 
the Rolling Stones, dead at 80

1096 Sympathy for the Devil

Fifty nine years ago the Stones got Rolling

1089 The Blues on Playing for Change 

In these days of Lockdown, some Blues is in place

1068 Biko

A seminal song, re-invented: Biko

1055 Which Lie do you subscribe to?

How true is your Belief?
What if it's a Lie?

1027 Playing for Change 

Playing for Change ... 
connecting the world through music

1012 Lover

Lover, a pop song that really pops 

1011 Beethoven and Social Media

A surprise discovery shows Beethoven was an early social media adapter 

1010 Taylor Swift

I went to Taylor Swift country, with very mixed results ... a very sweet young woman allowing herself to be used for a horrifically violent turn at entertainmen 

898 The Rolling Stones and I Got You Babe

This is what happens when the Stones like somebody else's song

871 Something stinks, is it Nick Cave?

Nick Cave thinks a boycott of Israel in protest against Israeli Settlements of Palestinian territories stinks

865 The Fat Man and My Girl Josephine

All week now I had one song on my mind

864 The Rolling Stones Under Cover

One of the best Stones songs was controversial,
some said it glorified violence

858 Same Love

Here is a song that digs deep ...

848 The Rolling Stones by Michael Joseph

The most stunning band photo ever?

841 Reggae at Balmoral

Fernando Aragones of Animal Ventura sets the mood at the Mudgee Wine & Food Fair, Balmoral ...

808 Do What You Can't

To the haters, the doubters; do what you can't ...

786 Tiny Hands

    "Grab'em by the pussy"
We don't want your tiny hands
anywhere near our underpants
    "Grab'em by the pussy"

757 Make That Change

Michael Jackson's legacy: Make that change ...

732 The Boss is on Fire

I call it the creepiest song ever ...

In the news this week, Tim Minchin tells Cardinal Pell to Come Home ... 

651 Sia / Graham Norton Show / Chandelier

Sometimes, before we go to sleep, we watch a bit of 'culture' ...

588 Keef (aka Keith Richards)

Keef goes solo, and it's all captured in a terrific docu ...

572 Stones Crossfire Hurricane

The Rolling Stones live, ever so live: Crossfire Hurricane ...

472 Thicke, Williams, Gaye

Inspiration comes from here, there and everywhere ... 

452 Electric, eclectic Miles Davis

Chaotic, energetic, exhausting, inspiring, intense, innovative, improvised, psychedelic and totally out there ...

450 Always Alright

And now for something different: How do you feel? Always Alright ... 

444 I am not my hair

I like the words in this song, I like the song,
and I like the presentation; there's nothing like a simple live recording ...

438 Hooker music

A bout of blues, while you're reading ...

385 The Sermon

I can't help myself, allow me to give you a sermon ...

372 Save Me

I like good music; I like good design ... 

353 Sting on TED

This TED talk largely is sung ... 

342 Rube Goldberg Machine as music video ...

Is this the best Rube Goldberg Machine ever, for a music video?

314 "Not Now, Not Ever!"

"Not Now, Not Ever!" is a sung version of Julia Gillard's anti-misogyny speech to now-PM Tony Abbott ... 

306 Pretty Beat Up

When I turned on my music today, this was the first song that played ...

218 / Marley

Been to the movies yesterday, 'Marley' is a blast ...

187 / The Bucket Drummer

Meet Gordo, the Bucket Drummer, he'll amaze you … if you care about drumming …