648 The magnificent Balmoral Trees

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I have reported before on just how unique Balmoral Beach is, for many reasons ... the close vicinity to the city; the fact it’s a harbour beach, yet with a direct opening to the ocean; and its cafés and restaurants. However, there is one distinctive feature that could well have no equal anywhere … if you know of another beach anywhere in the world like it, please contact me and send me a photo.


I am talking of course about the magnificent trees along Balmoral’s Esplanade. On this page I document just about all of them … and the way the mottled shadow areas - created by sunshine from a deep blue sky - are used by grateful Sydneysiders, who, I believe, come from all over the city. They often bring half their household, it seems, for a typical Australian picnic. This, folks, is Sunday arvo at its best.


We start just to the left of the Balmoral Bathers building, walking all along to the Balmoral Boathouse café, then past one of Sydney’s most spectacular Moreton Bay Fig trees - with its canopy reaching to the water’s edge - all the way to the end of the beach. There are about 30 trees, most of them Moreton Bay and Port Jackson figs; but don't miss the amazing Banyan fig tree, with its cornucopia of air roots.