805 How to fix the Future

I know, I know … another article on Climate Change and Global Warming; haven’t we heard enough? Nope.

SMH: How to fix the future: saving the planet from climate change requires action - now, write David Suzuki and Ian Hannington

Scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki. SMH Photo: Nick Moir

David Zuzuki has co-authored a book where they point out that …

“Although free-market capitalism can help spark innovation in new technologies, our current economic systems demand endless growth, continued consumption, and the most profitable pathways, which often means using the cheapest fuels to extract the most money from energy and production.

"That's why some thinkers have suggested it's time to change the systems by which we govern production and distribution - to find a way that goes beyond outdated ideas such as free-market capitalism and authoritarian communism.

"As Naomi Klein writes in This Changes Everything, this should be seen as an opportunity, since the current economic model is "failing the vast majority of the people on the planet on multiple fronts." She adds, "Put another way, if there has ever been a moment to advance a plan to heal the planet that also heals our broken economies and shattered communities, this is it."


… Indeed, it’s time to change the system; will that happen?


“Of course, this is what many who argue against fighting climate change fear: that addressing the problem will mean overturning current systems, which could take away some of the advantages the wealthy and privileged enjoy, often at the expense of the world's poorest and disadvantaged.”


An interesting article, from two men who know what they are talking about and they point out solutions. Will the politicians here and in the US listen?