780 Happy New Year

As we celebrate the New Year, how is your life going? Up and down, probably, like for most of us. We often think (o.k., I'll speak for myself), I often think, "goodness, life's tough." There's a story to be told, that puts my head right every time.


the photo is not of the people in the story

A woman in a refugee camp in Africa, whose husband had just died and left her with her remaining children, tells the story of her family. Her man and herself had left their village six weeks ago and walked to the refugee camp. They used to own 30 heads of cattle, which all had died in the drought - there hadn't been any rain for 3 years. Since they couldn't feed their children anymore, they decided to leave. 

But some of their children, as well as their parents, were too weak for the journey ... so they bundled up the ones strong enough. And they left behind those of their children they knew would not survive the trip. As well as their parents. They left them … to die.



So, how's your life going?