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This is the
GOING PRO Book Resources page ... the page I'm referring to throughout the GOING PRO book. To begin with, here is the information about camera formats and sensor sizes from the ZEN PHOTOART book (check out a few sample pages from the ZEN PHOTOART book here) ... drag the illustration on to your desktop and when you print it, make sure you use these printing parameters so as to print 1:1. This way you get a true feel for the different formats and sensor sizes.

Next I mention in the GOING PRO book my Let's get technical page ... this is a bit of a history of cameras and camera formats I have been using in my 45 years as a photographer, beginning with my 35mm Nikon (film) cameras, to my 21mp Canon EOS 1 Ds today.

Other pages I refer to are my CORPORATE and my COMMERCIAL WORK, as well as CANTURI  jewels. Also go to my About page, for these and more links to work of mine. 

A quick intro to the two photographers I interview in the book (for variety): Jan Zwart is a prolific landscape, portrait and travel photographer ... warning! When you read the list of places he's been to you may well get very jealous (I did). But remember the point Jan makes: "I never get to see the swimming pool in the hotels ... I work very hard on every assignment." And that means ... up early, turn in late, and never stop in between. 


Urs Buhlman is a Sydney car, still life and landscape photographer. Urs specialises in CGI and he photographs land- and city- scapes ... into which his car shots are then montaged. His work is commissioned worldwide. Urs is adamant: "You've gotta keep reinventing yourself. If you're lazy in your head, you'll die." Simple as that.


Here is the Cost Estimate Form for you to download as well as my Pricelist with my Terms Of Business (ToB). Use it as a guide to figure out what you want to call the items you wish to charge your client, and use it to work out your prices. You'll find a lot more info on the Going Pro Business System page.

Unfortunately I am not 100% confident about the quality of POD colour printing. If you have purchased the GOING PRO hard cover color book, you may want to check out how the pictures should look. It's always tricky to compare printed versions of a photo with the screen version, but we have to live with the constraints the different media present us with; short of buying the PDF version too, here's you can - provided your screen is calibrated - see the photos with their correct density and color.