751 Dumbfuckistan

You may have noticed, there is something wrong with the way the USA elect their president ... as the President-elect said all along, the election is rigged. Doh!@#$% What could be more obvious? Either one of two things can be done about it ...

... make voting compulsory (like in Australia). About 230m people are eligible to vote, only 50% did. And while more than half voted for the better choice, since the system is rigged, the dumb-fuck got in; but compulsory voting won't be a guarantee ...

... so here’s the other thing that can - probably must - be done: Voters in the USA are grouped according to their IQ. Below average IQ voters get 1 vote; average IQ voters get 2 votes; above average IQ voters get 3 votes. That’ll fix their problem.

From The Urban Dictionary:

The lay term for America since the "re-election" of George W. Bush to the Presidency

We all gotta leave Dumbfuckistan and the last one out turn out the lights!