525 Diatoms. Come again? What?

Do you have an idea as to what you’re looking at here? Diatoms. They’re tiny, single-celled algae coated in a crystalline shell. Diatoms can be found anywhere there is water - from ponds and lakes, to puddles and gutters. In the Victorian era people began being fascinated with the unique, geometric diatoms that are invisible to the naked eye. It is since then that people began finding, cleaning and arranging them, and today Klaus Kemp is keeping the tradition alive with modern technology. Kemp’s arrangements are more crisp, vibrant and colorful than any of his Victorian ancestors'. Watch the video of the Diatomist, Klaus Kemp, his historical connections and how he creates these art-works under the microscope … myself, I think it is mind-blowing. I just love art that relates to nature.

From Visual News and This Is Colossal.