992 Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency? What emergency?! It's no problem for me. 

The conservatives’ script re. Climate Change Denialism (essay):

Climate Change is not an issue!


There is no climate change.


If there is climate change, it’s natural, has been happening over and over for millions of year.


If extraordinary climate change is occurring, it is not man-made:


·       there is no empirical evidence for that

·       if evidence is presented it is not agreed upon by scientists 

or it is falsified

·       the issue of so-called climate change is a political one

·       if nations have populated low lying islands or territories that apparently are now being inundated, that is their problem

·       to spend billions to help them out is socialism in disguise


If climate change is man-made, there is very little that can be done about it.


If an attempt is made to ameliorate apparent climate change, it will be too costly … it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars.


If it is decided to spend that money, then not from my tax dollars. 


Climate change is not a problem for my generation; if the younger generation decide to spend all that money on such dubious science … then they can be the ones paying for it. 


So-called climate change is not an issue for me.


ABC News: Climate emergency declared by 11,000 scientists worldwide 

who warn of 'catastrophic threat' to humanity

More than 11,000 scientists around the world have signed a scientific paper declaring a climate emergency, backing protesters across the world demanding action.


Key points:

  • The 11,000 scientists who put their name to the paper say they have a "moral obligation" to humanity

  • The scientists, from 153 countries, have backed governments across the world that made similar declarations

  • The group of scientists say there needs to be greater emphasis on human activities that can change the climate such as fertility rate, air travel and meat production  


The paper, published in the journal BioScience, declares the climate crisis "has arrived" and is "accelerating faster than most scientists expect". 


"Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat," the paper said.


The UK, Scotland and Ireland are among the countries that have declared a "climate change emergency", along with more than 1,000 subnational jurisdictions, including many in Australia, such as the ACT, the City of Sydney and the City of Melbourne.


Last month, the Federal Government voted down an attempt to declare a climate emergency across the country, with the Morrison Government's Emissions Reduction Minister, Angus Taylor, labelling it a "symbolic" gesture.

More than 400,000 Australians have signed a petition, now presented to Parliament, urging the Government to make the call.