992 Climate Emergency

Some argue that 11,000 scientists are still not enough to convince them!

991 ER - Extinction Rebellion

Who are Extinction Rebellion and what do they want?

990 Ten Point Plan for a Secular Australia, with Michael Kirby

Australia is a secular country, let's not mess with that status through a Religious Freedom Bill

989 China, the Perfect Dictatorship

If China is the perfect dictatorship, where do we stand?

988 Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

987 Something wicked: Climate Change Denial

Something wicked is going on in Australia:
the Climate Change Denialists lobby 
will lead us into catastrophe

986 Pill Testing vs decriminalising drugs

What shall be done about people taking illicit drugs?

985 Children and religious education

Jesuit maxim: Give us a child till s/he’s seven 
and we’ll have them for life

984 Religion and indoctrination of the young

A pertinent question: Should parents be allowed to enforce religion on their children?

983 The Ontological Proof

Philosophy for Dummies: The Ontological Proof for the Existence of God

982 The Greta factor

Greta Thunberg has created a stir, let's hope it stirred in the right places

981 Ethics and Religion

Do ethical principles stem from religion?

980 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II

Announced today: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II 

979 Climate Change Misconceptions debunked

Climate Change is hard to grasp, here are five misconceptions debunked

978 Kids and porn, a reality check

At what age should you talk to your kids about porn?

977 Richard Dawkins in good form

Enjoy Richard Dawkins at his best opposite a rather disappointing interviewer

976 Stan Grant and the Australian Dream

Stan Grant is a voice in Aboriginal Australia for all Australians

975 The Pillars Of Creation

I like to visit space, at least in my imagination
(or one my computer)

974 Complexity Theory & Panpsychism

My most recent reading introduced me to a new term and made me think about an hitherto unfamiliar subject: panpsychism

973 Behrouz Boochani, No Friend but the Mountains

Behrouz Boochani's No Friend but the Mountains is the true story of an illegally imprisoned refugee 

972 The "real science" of Climate Change

Once again I got sucked in; oh, woe is me

971 Legalise Drugs

Legalise drugs, make ethically sourced drugs available on prescription

970 The dark secret of Demmin

This is an awful story, looking back at a horrific time in Germany's history

969 Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is a crazy good movie

968 Bill Maher / Religion

This is vintage Maher; wear a nappy

967 Is there life elsewhere?

A new angle on an old question

966 Trump, a gift to comedians

Donald Trump gives and gives ...

965 Refugee Day

This is a speech by David Manne on Refugee Day

964 Airbnb, the place to go and make a request

I received an education as to how Airbnb works, how entertaining

963 Taylor Swift

I went to Taylor Swift land, with very varying results

962 The Climate Change Emergency Switch

Is climate change an urgent issue? Generally it depends on who you ask, but here read from Ian Dunlop, a former oil, gas and coal industry executive.

961 The Barefoot Investor

The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need ?

960 The Dawn Wall

this is an amazing climbing movie

959 The UN World Happiness Report 2018

Which countries are the happiest in the world?
Bill Maher says Social Democratic ones, that practice Capitalism Plus

958 Belief vs. Reality

Religion and Belief versus Reality and Facts is a challenging subject

957 The Curse of NOW

Living in the Now is a Curse

956 Climate Change Alternative Facts

More climate change denialism and mis-information on the internet

955 To go organic or not to go organic

Do you use organic food whenever you can? 
Think about it

954 Truth in the Climate Change debate

60,000 or 13,898 - does it matter?

953 Albert Einstein's "Weltbild"

Albert Einstein was a pre-eminent scientist, but also a humanist and pacifist 

952 Science is the antidote to Religion

Not only sticks & stones hurt, words can be even more harmful and outright dangerous, especially for children

951 Am I an atheist?

Being an atheist is so much easier than not

950 Liz is Ninety

Our Grandma, Liz Felton, has turned 90

949 Einstein's Cosmic Religion

Albert Einstein - inspired by Baruch Spinoza - had a Cosmic Religion

948 Just Don't Go There

Once again Bill Maher has the answer:
"Just don't go there."

947 US arms sales

Apparently the US produce and sell more arms than the rest of the world combined

946 Albert Einstein's "God Letter"

In 1954 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to my heart

945 The Sermon On The Mount

The Path and The Sermon On The Mount are congruent in many ways, except one ...

944 What is it that makes up happy?

Another TED talk about happiness?

943 The Fourth Filter

Can humans avert falling victim to the fifth, the Great Filter?