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963 Taylor Swift

I went to Taylor Swift land, with very varying results

962 The Climate Change Emergency Switch

Is climate change an urgent issue? Generally it depends on who you ask, but here read from Ian Dunlop, a former oil, gas and coal industry executive.

961 The Barefoot Investor

The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need ?

960 The Dawn Wall

this is an amazing climbing movie

959 The UN World Happiness Report 2018

Which countries are the happiest in the world?
Bill Maher says Social Democratic ones, that practice Capitalism Plus

958 Belief vs. Reality

Religion and Belief versus Reality and Facts is a challenging subject

957 The Curse of NOW

Living in the Now is a Curse

956 Climate Change Alternative Facts

More climate change denialism and mis-information on the internet

955 To go organic or not to go organic

Do you use organic food whenever you can? 
Think about it

954 Truth in the Climate Change debate

60,000 or 13,898 - does it matter?

953 Albert Einstein's "Weltbild"

Albert Einstein was a pre-eminent scientist, but also a humanist and pacifist 

952 Science is the antidote to Religion

Not only sticks & stones hurt, words can be even more harmful and outright dangerous, especially for children

951 Am I an atheist?

Being an atheist is so much easier than not

950 Liz is Ninety

Our Grandma, Liz Felton, has turned 90

949 Einstein's Cosmic Religion

Albert Einstein - inspired by Baruch Spinoza - had a Cosmic Religion

948 Just Don't Go There

Once again Bill Maher has the answer:
"Just don't go there."

947 US arms sales

Apparently the US produce and sell more arms than the rest of the world combined

946 Albert Einstein's "God Letter"

In 1954 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to my heart

945 The Sermon On The Mount

The Path and The Sermon On The Mount are congruent in many ways, except one ...

944 What is it that makes up happy?

Another TED talk about happiness?

943 The Fourth Filter

Can humans avert falling victim to the fifth, the Great Filter?

942 The Great Filter redux

More on the implications of meeting the Great Filter

941 The Great Filter

Will humanity survive? 

940 What is religion?

Krishnamurti sheds light on a question you may not have an answer for: What is religion?

939 The Parody Project

This is Don Caron's Parody Project; laugh until you cry

938 Leo Tolstoy, truth and non-violence

Leo Tolstoy was a proponent of truth and non-violence

937 Marisa and the Whales

Marisa dives with the Whales

936 The Intellectual Dark Web

The Intellectual Dark Web, if you're looking for conversations about controversial opinions

935 The Path: At the feet of the Master

"If you know, it is your duty to help others to know."
At the feet of the Master is a spiritual classic attributed to Jiddu Krishnamurti, written when he was fourteen years old

934 Welcome to America

Welcome to Trump's America

933 Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and "Objectivism" are not welcome in liberal circles

932 Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty

Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty is a talk at the KFA about whether spirituality can be considered secular 

931 Transcendental Meditation

Jerry Seinfeld: "Meditation gives me energy."

930 Keef and Life

I revisited Life by Keith Richards, what a blast

929 Waves

Waves to soothe your mind, by Warren Keelan

928 Krishnamurti and Belief

What is it with belief ... is it good to have a belief?

927 Osho, the Bhagwan

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is at the centre of a Netflix series about a utopian commune in Oregon, USA: Wild Wild Country

926 the Voice of God

The movie Hacksaw Ridge sheds light on what may follow when asking God for a sign

925 Krishnamurti and the fresh, young mind

J. Krishnamurti extols the virtues of the fresh, young ... indeed the empty mind

924 Dogs bite

Want to get a pet dog for your family? This blog is for you

923 What's our government's debt?

It's budget time and people are discussing whether to have tax cuts or a reduction in government debt ... so, what's our government's debt? And what does it mean?

922 "I am that girl"

When "no" means "yes", under the law

921 Christianty, warts and all

A terrific podcast by Sam Harris with everything you wanted to know about Christianity 

920 Father Bower and Manus & Nauru

A welcome voice shouts out loudly agains our government's mistreatment of refugees on Manus & Nauru

919 Geoffrey Rush / King Lear / #MeToo

Geoffrey Rush as King Lear runs into a #MeToo controversy

918 The Destruction of George Street, Sydney

Something horrible is happening: The heart of the City of Sydney is being destroyed

917 Mother and baby

Some mothers are allowed to rest after they had a baby

916 Trying to find happiness?

When it comes to happiness, ask Latin Americans

915 China and Falun Gong

The incredible story of China's treatment of Falun Gong

914 China and the Uighurs

China and Uigur woman Rebiya Kadeer