837 Bill Gekas Portraits

Here is a hard-working photographer, who puts his daughter in the frame to remarkable effect. Bill Gekas’ photographs channel Baroque painters’ styles, with the results somewhat over-the-top and clichéd ... nonetheless cute. At their best his portraits are well lit & composed, if not over-styled; but his little girl is gorgeous.

I am partial to portrait photography (blog 804) and Gekas' work reminded me to revisit one of my favourite photographers, Francois Gillet. It was Gillet's still lives that inspired my series of "Still lives with Critters" (see below).

My series of "Still lives with Critters" was the first lot of "serious" digital photos I took in 2001. I just loved learning Photoshop and getting back to my roots of still life photography, with the added element of retouching.