1058 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II

Due to overwhelming demand Apple announced the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II, featuring an electronic viewfinder, as a detachable accessory. This addresses the problem of screens glared-out by sunlight - a serious issue for pro photographers.

Another new feature is the fourth camera - a true tele lens. Apple mis-named the third lens as a 'tele', whereas it really is a 'normal' lens. The original three lenses are the ultra wide 13mm, the wide 26mm and the 52mm ... which is a 'normal'.

Added now is a tele at 104mm. Now the iPhone 11 truly is a PRO ... just like my Pro Canon camera, with its Pro zoom lens, which ranges from 24mm (wide) via 50mm (normal) to 105mm (tele) ... and - of course - everything in-between.

With the Pro camera system Apple added a super-wide, which was a super-smart move, because - while there always is the 'pano' option - it is great to have super-wide in the one shot ... just as it is great to now have tele without digital zooming.

I am a retired pro-photographer, now mainly engaged

with PHOTOART creative street photography - I'll be

the first to ditch my DSLR if this requirement is met.

(trust me peops, it will come, just like 3 cameras

which I predicted a few years ago ... blog 725

even though I pre-predicted the viewfinder)

but wait, there's more ... my blog 571

But, dear Apple, who is the Midnight Green for? Not for Pro Photographers!

So there's another improvement (only for the iPhone 11 Pro Mark II) the all new:

Pro Matte Black