822 Apple Customer Dis-Service


I just spent another half hour on the iPhone with Melissa, we shared my computer screen so as to make sure I click all the right buttons ... the long and short of it is: My password cannot be re-set, the system Apple has put in place (for which they have a name, something like "Extra, Super, Secure") does not allow to follow the simple steps (see below) every other company on the planet uses. The mind boggles!


Dear Melissa,


we spoke a week ago but my issue has not been resolved, I have not heard back from Apple. I have to tell you - and Apple - I am amazed at he incompetence and apparent customer dis-service by the company deemed the most advanced IT company in the world; what is going on here is utterly ridiculous. If my Apple ID and my iTunes ID were not quite inconsequential to me in the grand scheme of things ... trust me, I would be really pissed off. 


Remember, I have tried to have the issue of my password not being recognised by Apple fixed for many months now, many times have I jumped through the hoops provided by Apple … to no avail. I would just throw my arms in the air, leave the issue behind and say goodbye to Apple; alas, for a new piece of video gear I intend to use I must download an app to my iPhone to run the thing.


This is the comment I left on the Apple “Customer Service” website a month ago: 


I am very disappointed with the procedure Apple employs to deal with my issue: I am locked out of my Apple ID and iTunes. I tried to but cannot re-set my password and after spending half an hour with the Apple consultant (this was my second attempt to resolve the issue with calling Apple), who nevertheless was as helpful as he could be under the circumstances, I gave up. When I try to re-set my password via the website I get the message that the process will take about two weeks, yet, I never hear from Apple. I have done this about half a dozen times. This is ludicrous. How come I can go to my banks's website, click a button that sends me an email, I click a link, I type the new password in twice, and I can go back to my net-bank and use the new password ... altogether a process that takes about a minute. Why can't Apple provide such a service?

Incidentally, I never received a reply.


I cannot for the life of me comprehend that the other day in our phone conversation (which mind you, took 55 minutes out of my life … an hour that I will never get back), you were not in the position to send me an email with a simple request to enter a new password, once you had all three required items of identification in front of you:


       my web address & email address

       my mobile phone number

       the required credit card details


What sort of parallel universe does Apple Customer Service reside in?


Sincerely, C.B.