450 Always Alright

Today is the day I’ll immortalize Always Alright ... this seminal, awesome piece of music by Alabama Shakes. Why? Because it has stood the test of time.


Many months back we watched the movie  Silver Linings Playbook  in our home cinema, a good movie altogether ... but when the credits started rolling, a song came on - playing as a backdrop to the credits - that made me prick my ears (click play below, to get the feel for what I’m talking about). 20 seconds into the song, and just a few seconds after the drums kicked in, we were grooving to the beat … and we haven’t stopped to this day. Furthermore - would you believe it - the song stems from a live recording in Sydney’s Metro! What a blast. 

Now, I don’t take my music lightly. I’m not easily enthused about popular music. However, here is a song - and an execution - that holds its own in any comparison … yes, I believe the song is as good as anything I have heard since the Stones recorded Exile on Main Street, or for that matter since Hendrix did his Vodoo thing.


Nothing less. So well played. Simple. Explosive. Precise. Engrossing ... the rhythm, the beat, the drive. Genius. I like the restrained lead guitar, the laid-back bass, the sparse rhythm guitar, and, o boy, is that an old Hammond organ? ... he really knows how to put it to good effect. The drums, perfect timing, disciplined, yet dramatic when required ... all of it perfect backing for the volatile, utterly un-restrained vocals. 

Update: One reader has it on good authority that the organ in question is indeed a Hammond, a C3 to be exact. It happens to be the model her dad has at home, he is very familiar with them. So, one mystery solved for the day :-)

(The  Hammond C3  organ was manufactured in America between 1935 and 1985, in Australia 1986 to 1989 and in Japan since then, by Hammond-Suzuki; I though you might like to know that.)

This song is one in a million (donno 'bout the lyrics; but ...) the video clip is straight down my alley. Right in your face. My favourite music videos are live recordings ... make no mistake, contemporary rock 'n roll doesn't come much better than this.  

"Always Alright"

Well you come upstairs but not to talk
You stay a little while then you do a little walk on home

I hear you downstairs smoking cigarettes, I hear you talking shit
Cuz you ain't got nothing to talk about at all

So you took me to party you got me alone 
Said you wanna feel good and you feel like you're gonna explode

Well I don't care, can't pay attention, and I don't give a damn
about your intentions at all

Well pass me the whiskey, pass me the gin
Pass me whatever there's drank left in

Well I don't care if its seven in the morning
For all I care it could be the second coming

Well you say you couldn't take it anymore
You can't live like this, its a really big deal

Well I don't care, can't pay attention
and I don't give a fuck about your intentions at all

We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We're Alright
We're Always Alright
We'll be Alright