The Age Of Consequences

For those of my readers who don't watch tv, not even Four Corners, but who might be interested in a (for me at least) new angle on climate change, do yourself a favour and watch this film.

And let me say this: The people interviewed here are from the Right side of the political spectrum, as the general said, "We are not your traditional environmentalists".

Make no mistake, this is explosive stuff (pun intended).

The Age of Consequences

"We are not your traditional environmentalists."

Gen. Gordon Sullivan (Retd), Fmr. Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

Four Corners brings you the views of distinguished former members of the US military and senior policy makers who warn that climate change is not only real, it's a threat to global security.

"I'm here today not only representing my views on security implications of climate change, but on the collective wisdom of 16 admirals and generals."

Rear Admiral David Titley (Retd), U.S. Navy

They say climate change is impacting on vital resources, migration patterns and conflict zones.

OK, you missed out, I cannot find the 4Corners show anymore, just this trailer ... here's a synopsis on the official website.